Morning Raid Guild LFM (4/6 MSV)

The Aftermath is a Horde Morning Raid Guild. We strive to be one of the few successful Morning Guilds out there. We are Located on the Hyjal server :: Pacific Time Zone :: We have previous 10 man Heroic mode experience in Wrath and Cata.

:: Website ::

Our website contains all the info you need about our recruiting requirements and needs. We are actively recruiting for a heals and tank spot (prefer with dps off-spec) in our core group. However, we are always looking for exceptional raiders, so other specs please don't hesitate to apply if you feel like we are a fit for you.

:: About Us ::

The Aftermath started off as Twilight Incursion running two 10-man teams through Wrath and Cata/DS. Before MoP hit, our 10-man group decided to reformed here in Hyjal looking for a higher pop server and a better raiding environment.

Starting off as a 10-man guild barely getting normal kills and clears, we pushed and strive for progression with a single goal in mind "Clearing all content at our own pace". Since then we have been pushing for clears and progression with that same goal that started 3+ years ago. Our core group has been together for over a year pushing through HDS and now working on progression in MSV. We are currently 4/6 MSV and just lost a heals/dps and tank/dps due to RL issues.

So we are looking for one to three solid raiders fill the team back out and to pick back up with progression.

:: Raid Times ::

We raid 4 days a week on a 8 hour a week schedule. Our raid days are :: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday :: Raids start at 9 am PST (Server Time) and finish at 11 am PST (Server Time)

:: Raids ::

We provide all enchants, potions, and repairs for our raiders. We expect raiders to provide flasks and 300 stat food, although we do keep feasts and flasks in the guild bank for times when they are needed. There is a two week trial period for all new raiders. No one is exempted from this. We currently use Mumble and have channels available for the guild during and outside of raid times.

:: Loot ::

We use EPGP to handle all of our loot. Everyone must earn a minimum of 15k EP before being considered for loot.

Here is a full explanation of our loot system:

:: Environment ::

We are a really laid back guild. We focus on progression and raiding. Our chat is always something to look forward to. But as relax as we may be before and after raid, sometimes during, we always focus and give it our all during raids.

:: Recruitment ::

Our current make up is:
2 tanks (warrior, druid)
2 heals (monk, pally)
6 dps (hunter, warlock, mage, enh shammy, rogue, frost dk)

We just lost our ele/resto shammy and a tank/dps warr to some RL issues. So if someone doesn't show, which can happen with a daytime raiding guild and RL, we are looking at pugging missing pieces. We would much rather have core raiders....and thats why I am here.

Our top Priorities are Healers and Tanks with DPS offspecs. We will still consider any dps class that app's to our guild.

Any other player who's class is not mention is more than welcomed to apply. We are always looking for more players who are dedicated, skilled and ready for progression.

:: Trials ::

Trials undergo a 2 week period in which they are brought into raid and show how well they adapt to new environment, must maintain good attendance, and who must earn a minimum of 15k EP to be considered for loot on equal terms as members during their trial period. Like many guilds, Raider ranks will have priority over Trials when it comes to raid spots.

:: Interested?? ::

If youre interested in joining our ranks feel free to apply at our website :: :: or you can drop a PM to any officer about recruiting needs, raid times, availability or anything about the guild in general :: Dapred; Gäston; Lokka; Bowcephus; Thorens; Shamalock ::

:: Still here?? ::

You should have applied by now...
Heres our Website again :: :: go apply now!
Primary need now is a healer with dps OS. Please post here, contact us in-game or apply at the website if you are interested.
Looking for dps, healer, and tank. If you are interested please reply or send a whisper in game.
Lol guys, the world is small, I used to be in your morning guild in WOTLK

welcome to hyjal :)

hello to dap, sebon and eldantor, the names I could recognize in your roster.
koozz? my kooz kooz? the one that would have to restart wow because we made him swap specs? lol. whats up? didnt realize you came here. how's raiding treating you?

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