LF Exceptional Raiding Guild - Mage - 474 ilv

Hello, I am moving from my current server and I am looking for a new home, after much research I have come to view Turalyon as the most likely candidate for my destination.

I am looking for a mature guild with strong raid leadership that is seeking an exceptional raider,
I have 7 years of raid experience and have raided in all content from vanilla to present.

I am moving because the horde side population never fully recovered between Cata and MoP and I am looking to move to a server with steady progression and like minded raiders.

I am an adaptable raider, who does his research of fights and comes prepared to any raid on time and with the proper amount of raid consumables. I learn quickly in fast moving situations and I can take direction on the fly.
I am willing to move outside my zone of comfort to help the raid group progress and often take the initiative to help out without stepping on my leadership's toes, I welcome feedback from my peers and offer my own when I believe I can be of help, I believe in a speak when spoken to attitude during raids when on vent during encounters.

I am open to most loot systems and have experience with most, I am not a greedy player as I believe loot for the raid team in fact helps us all progress and with kills comes loot and everyone will get theirs in due time. i am accustomed to trial periods and gear runs alike and understand that there is a rhyme and reason to the decisions made by raid leaderships, I do however take exception to loot systems that promote favoritism.

My schedule is largely my own and I am highly flexible when it comes to raid times, I am willing to wipe on progression attempts as long as the raid leader deems needed, I can raid any day but prefer Mondays off (I hate Mondays :S).

I am looking for a 10 or 25 man spot with a group that plans on clearing all content on heroic, the speed of the progression is not as important than the progression itself as long as things are moving forward at a reasonably consistent rate I will be as happy as can be.

If I sound like I might be a fit for your team and or guild please don't hesitate to respond I am eager to get back to raiding.

Also if anyone cares to let me know how the server in general is, I would love to hear about Turalyon!
Greetings oculus,

I think that our guild might fit what you are looking for.

15/16N progression group, raiding 2 nights a week fri/sat 7-11pm.
Heroics starting next weekend (holiday attendance permitting)
The group has been playing together since early wrath either in seperate guilds or in 25 man teams. We finally came together to progress together.
Suicide kings loot system with penalties for tardiness and absences.

Check out our website if you find yourself interested

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