(A) Selling levelling kits!

Just like the title says. Jc/BS/Alch/Ins/Engi. PST in game for details.
It can't be true
Uh, sorry. Why not?
Cause it's not on Horde. :(
Sorry hon =(
Any BS kits?
Yep I can do that. I'll message you next time I see you in game
Bump bump! Now selling tailoring enchanting kits as well!
Price for j/c and inscription please
What is the price for Enchanting? I have been debating going enchanting.
ibori i added you to friends, will talk to you ingame about a price
Hey i can never catch you online.. i have the gold for the inscription kit so reply here and tell me when you will be done
will do!
I basically have the kit. Msg me in game.
I have a jc kit and an inscription kit ready for sale! Price negotiable, msg me in game!
Sorry sunshine =(
Bump. Have a jc kit and an inscription kit ready!

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