Shams in brawler's guild

How do you guys think we will do?
I am ready to accept my death.
Haha! You think it'll be that bad? I'm looking forward to trying it out! Prolly would be better to go full for it with my Druid though
I'm actually looking forward too it. It should challenge us to do some retty creative things to survive solo play.
I think we will do well. We have so many cd's for any situation that I can imagine translating well to these encounters. Plus think about it, if you pop your rock elemental to tank for you and then pop ascendance, elemental mastery, and maybe drop a stormlash or something for like a whole 10 seconds you can stand there and turret fire burn a tanked mob down like a wanna be hunter. Unlike hunters though, we get the advantage of having a 3-5 minute break between fights to grab a drink or some food or something irl while we wait for those abilities to come back. Hunters don't get that luxury.
Shaman are a utility class and can respond to almost any situation... we will be just fine.
I say shammies need some buff.. its time for us shamans to be a playable pvp class (excluding resto becuz resto gets all the love) we have amazing burst but it can be countered so easy.... our class is just well lets say...unloved...I tho still laugh because i do good in battle grounds and duels :D but then again when a chaos bolt hits me for a 400k with pvp armor on i just facepalm but yeah
10/26/2012 08:23 AMPosted by Xvi
Shaman are a utility class and can respond to almost any situation... we will be just fine.

I think Enhancers will do fantastic. We're very good solo when we use our CD's properly, and self healing is pretty nice.
Ummm. Sosen... That had NOTHING to do with the brawlers guild... Read the post before you respond next time....
Bump with new question. How do you guys feel we are doing now that we are at in 5.1??
I'm already rank 4 myself. Got to use your cds and remember spirit walkers grace is your friend.
Did all of the fights up to rank 7 with ease, only died once to GG Engineers due to not hitting them with enough Rockets.

Rank 8 fights are 'very' challenging, I just killed the last of the 4 yesterday, quite fun.
I'm currently rank 4 and on the boss that spawns treants. Having a little trouble getting my timing for my cc down on those adds.
Shaman's do exceptionally well in Brawler's. I'm rank 7 (On Battletron) with a 468 ilvl. My 580 ilvl DK struggled to get there, yet my Sham cruised right on through.

I'm ele with horrid gear.
Currently on Battletron, After FIRING EVERYTHING I have him down to the last 14% or so... wondering what the absolute best talent,glyph combination is. This is flasked and well fed... however nobody else was in there for these attempts so I had no other class buffs... that may just be the thing I'm missing.

<Enhance> btw
I got Battletron at less gear than you, but I did get my monk friend to give me dat stats buff. I went with PE and EM that time, I think, as the short fight timer means the uptime on Primal Fire Ele is quite ridiculous. Don't forget to prepot, pot again at minute 1, use Stormlash, BL and all you got.
I haven't tried it with EM yet! I'll do that and ill try to get some people in there for buffs. ty ty
uurrg, still can't do it.. I must be doing something wrong

nvm I got it. had to stick with EoE and UF
I finished off rank 8, 4/4 as enhancement.

My gear is ilvl 487.

Only tricky fight is Disruptron but once you get the timing down its not so bad.

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