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Who is <Jelly>?

<Jelly> is a guild with passion. We are a group of people who love to play the game, enjoying the social perspective every bit as much as the progression kills. We are raiders that play for a challenge. We play because we love overcoming the strategy of the fight more than the loot that drops after the kill. We aspire to be the best at playing our toons and we put in the research, the practice and the caring to do it.

We’re not playing to be anonymous. Raid members are often referred to on a first name basis (no more Alexes please!), and we have fun while we're raiding. We love to take the piss out of each other whilst we’re enjoying a raid night. A lot of the <Jelly> core have been playing together for up to 6 years. Friendships, relationships – even marriages – have been formed amongst our members. We have been known to meet up at regular Jellyfests over the years.Who are you?

You’re awesome. No really, you are. You know why? Because awesome people want to be Jellies! You keep yourself up to date with the most recent happenings in the WOW universe, including boss abilities, tactics, raid strategies, class changes and the latest theorycrafting. You just read through the section above and got a little tear in your eye. You’re willing to put the effort into being the best.

Right now we’re seeking exceptional raiders of all walks of life. For a more comprehensive breakdown of the classes we are recruiting at this time, please visit www.jellyguild.com.

Why does <Jelly> suit me?

First up, you’ve read everything above and you’re nodding to yourself. Now for some of the nitty gritty. <Jelly> is a guild for 25-player progression raiding. We’re here to have fun, whilst killing heroic bosses. Last expansion saw us at 8/8 Heroic DS25. We’re not looking for server firsts, but we intend to be around the top 5 consistently throughout MoP.

We’re people with families and social lives, and you can be too. We run three raid nights per week, Wednesday/Thursday 8:20pm to midnight. We also raid Sundays at 9:20pm till midnight, starting a bit later to let people with families enjoy more of the weekend with them. These later starts allow people who work longer hours get home from work, eat some food and see the kids before raiding. We also have some raiders based out of Singapore and Thailand for whom the times suit well.

We maintain an expected minimum attendance level of 65%. Whilst we’d prefer 100% (which guild wouldn’t!) we understand that people play sport, work late shifts, study etc. Roughly speaking, you need to be able to attend at least an average of two nights a week to be considered.

We don’t restrict members to 18+, but the younger members of our guild must be able to commit to our raiding hours and display similar levels of maturity to others where appropriate. Mum pulling the plug out and yelling at you isn’t an appropriate excuse for leaving during a boss kill :-P

Membership in <Jelly> also includes free buffet access during raids, permitting guild members access to free flasks and feasts! Additionally, <Jelly> offers a scaling guild repair system that is active 24/7 to take the edge off those armor shining sessions.What do I do next?

If you have any questions please feel free to ask any of our officers. We would be delighted to speak to you about our guild and get to know each other. If you already like what you see pop on down to www.jellyguild.com and hit the ‘Apply to Guild’ button on the top right. Please take your time with the application and be as detailed as possible. Every application is taken very seriously from our end and we expect the same from you. Please try to convey your personality as much as possible.

From there an officer will be in touch with you soon and, if we believe you have <Jelly> potential we will talk a little more in game and take you for a trial run.

Please note that <Jelly> is a guild with a very low attrition rate. This high retention comes through very careful screening of potential recruits, along with a professional, fun and relaxed attitude in the guild. So if you think you have the 'Jellies' to join <Jelly>, we invite you to submit your application.

Come check us out! We have smexy pics and videos ;)

Jellyguild.com <3
Hi Fistzofury,

We prefer our apps to be raid ready. So as high as you can get your gear (gemmed and enchanted of corse) as well as both professions maxed out. Previous raid experiences is also a plus!

Mining/Engineering is fine. Realm is plenty active :3


For more info check out our website jellyguild.com - Even if we aren't actively recruiting your class/spec, all exceptional applicants will be considered.
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Bump for my boy Antag!!!!

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Hi there,
Any need for a BM/SV Hunter?
Hi there,
Any need for a BM/SV Hunter?

Hi there Snipe.

Please refer to our guild website Jellyguild.com for the classes we're currently recruiting.

If we're not recruiting your current class or spec. Then still feel free to apply we're always looking for quality players

Thanks Antaqt

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