[A]Crit Got Real(EST) 10m LF RL and more!

We are a level 25 guild rebuilding from the ground up, putting together a 10m core raid team.
We are accepting applications for both raid slots - we have a tentative team now but are still reviewing anyone who is interested and casual like minded individuals who would like a friendly guild to call home.

Raids will be Tues and Weds - start time is 8pm EST/5pm Server.
We have a solid team ready to go but lack progress due to an inability to consistently fill our remaining slots. We are now 1/6 MV! \o/ It's the little things! :)
Specific Raid Needs: Tank, more DPS! And if you have interest in being a raid leader, that would be fantastic!

We want to progress but we also want to have fun - this is not a hardcore raiding guild but if you want to raid you should be willing to put forth the time and effort that raiding requires.

If you are a casual player just looking for a nice group of people to hang with, we are level 25 with all the perks (repairs for all are always on!) and have an active core player base of raiders and casual players who would be more than happy to welcome you into the ranks.

If you would like to run with us once before joining we would be happy to have you along for a night, just contact one of our officers.

You can submit an application at http://cgr.enjin.com or contact an officer in game. (Ferdinanda, Rathroar, Kyrié - alt 130 for the é.)
1 Tank (Druid)
2 Tank (open)
3 Healer (Paladin)
4 Healer (Priest)
5 Healer/Dps (open)
6 Dps (Hunter)
7 Dps (Warlock)
8 Dps (Mage)
9 Dps/Tank (DeathKnight)
10 Dps (open)

This is what we have thus far. No good application will be turned away. Thank you! We have multi specs so feel free to app even if the position you like seems to be taken.
Step three... profit! :)
Plebes are needed! xD
Hey Ferd!
Hi Andraxion! :)

More work?!
Needing a Ret pally by chance?
We will consider any and all. :) I am working tonight (Monday) so will not be around, but feel free to contact an officer in the game to discuss joining as a raider.

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