[H] Demon Lords, 4/6 MV, DPS/Tank + DPS/Heals

Greetings Turalyon!

Demon Lords is searching for skilled/motivated raiders interested in completing the goals we have as a guild (stated below). We are in search of a skilled Tank/DPS and Healer/DPS. We raid Monday/Thursday 9-12 EST.

Brewmaster/Windwalker Monk
Protection/Retribution Paladin
Blood/Frost Death Knight

MistweaverWindwalker Monk
Discipline/Shadow Priest
Holy/Retribution Paladin
Restoration/Balance Druid

About us:
Demon Lords has been around Turalyon in some form since early BC. During late BC and Wrath, Demon Lords raided under the name War Machine. We raided fairly casually during Cata, but are looking to fill out a solid team here in Pandaria and do some quality raiding. We are a laid back, drama free guild in search of people interested in progressing through raid content. Additionally, we have a variety of other activities that take place on off nights from PvP, to leveling alts, to running dungeons, to doing dailies. Anyone interested in a friendly environment to just hang out is also encouraged to get in touch with us.

Our Goal:
We are intending to have a raid group capable of completing all Normal mode content before any nerfs are in place. After the content is on farm we will begin Heroic progression, with the ultimate goal of clearing Heroics and finishing Meta achievements while the content is still current.

If you have any questions or would be interested in joining, please do not hesitate to give me a whisper on the toons Dethkrik or Ythica, or alternately, send me a battletag invite to Dethkrik#1795


Thanks for checking us out and good luck on all of your Pandarian adventures.
Updated: Searching for a Tank, Healer, and DPS.
Looking to complete our core group....great group of players
Still looking for a couple more come on over :)
Looking for a DPS with a tanking offset and a DPS with a healing offset.
Still looking for 2 DPS: 1 with a Tanking offset and 1 with a Healing offset.

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