[A] LF for mature, social guild w/ raiding

Hi everyone,

I'm currently a member of a friend's guild, and while the perks have been great, it's not the guild environment that I would love to have. I'm considering xferring back to my old server, but would like to find a decent guild here before I consider it more.

I'm looking for a social, communicative guild with mature players. A raiding guild isn't a must, but I would like opportunities to raid in the future. I can't commit to a specific raid team right now, but would love to join in when I can.

I've been on several end content guilds on my old server, and miss those days. I've not been able to find a guild to make home on this one after my friend's guild disbanded.

Reply here or send me a tell in game.
What sort of playtimes are you looking for?
Currently our guild is 1/6 Mogu'shan Vaults.

We will be starting up a second raid team in about a month's time.
Our raid times are 7pm-9:30pm Server time ( current team raid nights are Tues/Thurs/Mon ).

That's also the time of day with the most amount of people online.

Our raid members fluctuate over time so there's always room to get involved with the first raid team if you find time to dedicate to their schedule.

http://coalitiongarona.com is our site. Officer's are in the chat room during business hours
( office jobs ).

Have a good one sir.
Council of force is a casual guild that is recruiting all classes, spec and levels. We are also recruiting motivated individuals who want to progress. We are currently recruiting for our starter 10 man raid core teams. Plz only ilvl 460 plus if your applying for the starter raid core group.. We’re looking for players who are committed to success. Please only age 17 plus.

Raid times will be Friday and Saturday, 8 pm - 10:30 pm server time..
Apply at http://www.councilofforce.com or you can contact me in game if you have any questions =)

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