[A] <EVO> 2/6 MV recruit members

<EVO> a newly formed weekend raiding guild and based on Eastern Australia time zone.

Our core members have fully end game experience for long time, we changed to weekend raiding guild because of RL.
We love raid, but we respect RL too.

We raid 2days per week(11pm ~ 2am ST Saturday and 3:00pm ~ 6pm ST Sunday, it may can be change.).

We are currently open core raider slots for DPS and we are not gonna make 2nd team.
We will only do 1 of 10men raid team. Hence, gonna small guild, but will be good relationship between guildes, I believe.

If you are willing to to learn and have the motivation to progress and raid, you will be welcome, PST in-game for info.

What we need is;
Rogue(any spec) * 1
Warlock(Aff or Demon) * 1 - Highly need
Shaman(any spec) * 1 - Highly need
Monk(any spec) * 1
DK(Frost) * 1

Our current class is;
DK tank
Warrior tank, DPS
Priest healer
Paladin healer
Druid healer
Hunter DPS
Mage DPS
We need about 3~4 more ppl(include sub).

Post your application on our guild web, if you looking for weekend raiding guild or lvling, family and friendship guild.

Guild website: http://evo-at.wowstead.com/

You can send a whisper to Lusny or Valons or Kasz, Tasuki or Elfries

Thank you.
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