[H]<EZ Style> 2/16 Heroic LFM!

what the bump
i want to be part of the cause but i can't do it, sorry guys
12/15/2012 08:00 AMPosted by Gilkannon
at least someone's still doin it

top plz
Empress down! HoF cleared! Bump!
To da top mon
Bump For Horde Progression
^ Thanks! <3
bump for new update!
bump for finally getting a chance to go one shot protectors, damn holidays!
any spots for a ret pally?
^Yes there is, talk to me or any member in game to grab a trial invite!
Bump for Lei Shi and Tsulong down!!!!
Did you guys manage to get Sha down? Saw a big raid of Horde trying it
Haha hell no, was a pub that we saw after the raid and they invited us, didnt even get close too many alliance, we really only get sha at the end of the week idk why they went on a tuesday

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