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As promised, we wanted to give you all an update on what we’ve been working on with regards to the cross-realm zone feature. Just to recap, cross-realm zones are meant to improve the leveling experience by increasing the amount of people in the same zone together, while also allowing you to quest with your Real ID or BattleTag friends. It’s a complex feature, and there are still some technical issues that we’re continuing to work to address. We’re committed to further refining the system so that it provides the best possible gameplay experience.

This is an update on the technical issues we’ve been working on and some of the progress we’ve made.

Time Zone Jumps

Right now we have a three-hour time zone differential limit on which realms can be mixed together. This is intended to reduce day/night jumps from occurring when crossing CRZ zones, as well as time zone jumps that may cause world events to end earlier than intended. We agree that the day/night jump can be jarring, and planning for last minute turn-ins for events can be difficult and frustrating.

We’re still discussing how to best approach this situation. One of the ideas being floated around is potentially changing how regional time zones work on a very fundamental level. It’s a change we’ve been discussing for quite a while, and perhaps the CRZ system provides the catalyst to go ahead and make it. We’ll keep you updated as we consider the best solution.

CRZ Transition Lag and Performance

There are still some tech-related quirks that are being hashed out, including framerate hitching when crossing into a CRZ zone, reports of performance issues, and resource nodes/NPCs/players disappearing. We’re still investigating each specific cause and working to smooth these types of issues out.

We also continue to see some reports that people are being dismounted when crossing borders. Single-player mounts should not be doing this, so please post any details in the Bug Report forum if it continues happening. There are technical limitations preventing multi-passenger mounts from holding separate characters when crossing a zone boundary. Unfortunately, this isn’t something that we can quickly or easily fix.

Despite a few lingering technical issues, we’re happy with how CRZ is populating the leveling areas with other players, and helping to once again foster MMO social experiences in the 1-85 content. The process for tuning CRZ is of course one that’s ongoing, and we’re committed to continuing to work on it and iron out any remaining issues as quickly as possible. If you do have bugs to report, please provide details and the reproduction steps (if possible) on the Bug Report forum. Providing detailed information helps tremendously, and when possible, add your report to a relevant thread before creating your own.

Thank you again for your feedback. We’re continuing to monitor reports and we’ll provide updates as they become available.

Reference: This is an update to the initial thread discussing how Cross-Realm Zones work.

Edit: Thanks for catching the typo Dominatrixed.
Thank You Rygarius!

Edited Reason: Prior post no longer relevant.
Well thank god
Waits for the small but vocal army that will claim there is no CRZ feedback ever because it's feedback they don't appreciate.

Thank you Rygarius for the update. Hope to see more soon.
CRZ still sucks.
10/30/2012 11:04 AMPosted by Rygarius
we’re happy with how CRZ is populating the leveling areas with other players, and helping to once again foster MMO social experiences in the 1-85 content.

May I ask how you know this? How do you measure whether "social experiences" are on the rise, and what does that mean exactly? Do you monitor whether people from different realms are talking to each other and/or grouping in CRZ zones? I'm genuinely curious, because I have not really noticed a difference while leveling alts lately. People just go about their business separately, as always.
I really wish we could opt out of CRZ. Even if it's on by default, it'd be nice to be able to disable it if we didn't want it.
I've leveled this toon in the past few weeks...CRZ have been great. It's awesome to see more people "out there", and to be a MMO again. Thank You.
The only thing I hate is that griefers from a server that I'm not on can now interrupt my game play and continuously grief me. I'm looking at you Darkspear Alliance. Some day I'd like to be able to quest in Hellfire again as a Horde without being constantly griefed in Thrallmar for hours.
I want the real money I spent on transferring to a low pop realm returned.
Some other concerns include things like server restarts. not all clusters restart the same time. with CRZ, you can try to sneak your way into felwood for example and snipe some minfernals while half the people still don't even have their realms up yet.

rare spawns in general have just been a pretty bad design with CRZ. for pet collecting, or even mount collectors. You are more likely to have high level chars in a mid level zone then actual mid level chars. the CRZ isn't looking at that it's just looking at population density so it's just shoving 40 people into a single camp instead of 40 people spread all over the zone.

Passenger mount problem i do hope to see fixed soon. My passenger loses a lot of patience with zone changes. :)

Other issues are taxis showing your home realm phase any time you're on them, even if current CRZ is one that's not home realm. This leads to seeing things that wont' be there when taxi lands. While on a taxi in a zone you should still be moved into correct CRZ phase before hitting ground.
With these updates - will CRZs be turned on in Pandaria with the 5.1 patch?

If not - how does Blizzard want to deal with the massive server faction imbalances with the new Karsarang Wilds PvP zones?
No matter how many times anyone says it, including myself. CRZ will never be removed. It will also be HIGHLY unlikely what we get an "opt out" choice. Blizzard will hear what they want to hear. In this case it's the one person saying "Thank you for letting me see people again" over the 100 people saying "There are issues with this still, and it's not a good feature. Just give me back my WoW like it used to be."

Call me a hater, or a troll, or whatever. I'm just telling the complete truth. Blizzard has changed and even I have had to accept that. It really hits home though when you can't level an alt because some level 90 shaman from Sargeras is standing on a roof sniping you with flameshock and searing totems.
I think CRZ is the best new feature of MoP for my personal game experience. It's fun to be able to go somewhere random like Felwood and see several 90s from various realms to engage in a little world pvp with.

This is just me talking about my experience- I recognize a lot of others hate CRZs.

But for me, whatever downsides exist are better than a dead-seeming Azeroth, and that's what you would have without CRZs.
Are there any plans to include more cross realm options such as a universal auction house or cross-realm raiding for current content?

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