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There are technical limitations preventing multi-passenger mounts from holding separate characters when crossing a zone boundary. Unfortunately, this isn’t something that we can quickly or easily fix.

In other words, the screw you all with a passenger flying mount trying to USE it as intended.

As for CRZs in general, the whole "social aspect" thing is ludicrous. YOUR GAME HAS NO LEVELING CONTENT THAT REQUIRES GROUPS, in fact it's a pain and a hindrance to do quests with some random stranger.

My only recent experience with CRZ was leveling a DK a couple days ago, as soon as I got to thrallmar and walked out to do quests I (and all the other horde) got one-shot by level 90s. I logged off and came back a few hours later, SAME THING. So crz drove me to level in AV exclusively, and thank god at least that had reasonably ly fast queue times and XP
Fix the mounting issue and CRZ will be the best system in the game yet.

Thanks for the update.

I actually think the dungeon and raid finders are better systems, but I'm impartial with this one.

I want the bugs fixed, and the jerks punished for being said jerks.

If the quests were designed such that you could work collaboratively regardless of being in the same group for the sake of the "tag" the MMO leveling experience would be much better and then the only competition comes into play over resource nodes rather than every item in the game.

Even that could be fixed by making all nodes phased so you only see your own nodes, like archeology zones.

Nodes are intended to have competition. Phasing them to a specific server's players defeats one of the purposes of CRZ.
10/30/2012 11:04 AMPosted by Rygarius
We’re still discussing how to best approach this situation. One of the ideas being floated around is potentially changing how regional time zones work on a very fundamental level. It’s a change we’ve been discussing for quite a while, and perhaps the CRZ system provides the catalyst to go ahead and make it. We’ll keep you updated as we consider the best solution.

OH, and solution?

Set everything to PST.

Like most games that use a realtime clock.

That, or what EverQuest does. 72 minutes = 1 in game day.

Even that could be fixed by making all nodes phased so you only see your own nodes, like archeology zones.

Nodes are intended to have competition. Phasing them to a specific server's players defeats one of the purposes of CRZ.

I was actually thinking specific players. Bill and Bob are both miners on the same server, but cannot see nor interact with each others copper nodes. Then again, I think gather should be more interesting and involved than running up to something and clicking on it.
When will Capital Cities stop being CRZ'd? Or is this now an intended behavior, despite the CRZ announcement (and subsequent statements from GhostCrawler) stating that Capitals should never be CRZ'd?

When will CRZ stop negatively impacting scheduled events, or, when will you update the ingame calendar to accurately reflect the start/end time of scheduled events?

Edit: When can I opt out of this feature?
While I appreciate the blue post, what I'm reading is:

"Things still don't work and we haven't made progress in making CRZ something that enhances the game instead of detracting from it."

Beyond the technical bugs, CRZ is a waste of time if players have no reason to treat playes from other zones as nothing more than NPCs or griefing fodder. There is no group content to encourage players to group with others. You can't be part of the same guild for socializing - I laugh everytime I go into Elwynn and see general getting spammed with guild recruitment messages from different servers.

Why do I need to be bombarded with useless spam from other servers on top of my own? It really just makes the game feel like more like a bizarre infomercial channel that you watch from total boredom because you know you'll never buy the products but there's nothing more interesting to do.
CRZ is gonna do nothing if your player base leaves because of it. You're still gonna have empty zones due to people leaving. I had to change my guild due to most of them leaving the game because of CRZ.

The old saying goes, "if it isn't broke do not fix it."

The player base isn't leaving because of it. I think it's safe to assume that if anyone's post includes the words "I'm cancelling," then 1) we don't believe you, and 2) we don't care. I'll be honest. I don't believe that your guild was decimated because of CRZ.

This is the 87254924685136510746th thing now that people claim everyone is leaving because of. You'd think all of the whiners would be gone by now.

It's not perfect. Some of the bugs have been correctly pointed out as being unacceptable (not being able to use multi-passenger mounts is something that never should have made it should have made CRZ a non-starter until it was fixed). The act of degenerates taking advantage of the system should have been considered before CRZ was released and it clearly wasn't. Blizzard really should man up and stop refusing to admit that it's a money-saver for them.

Yet all of these things will get fixed, just like always, and people will have to start searching out their next reason for quitting the game.

EDIT: Grammar is hard.
Yeah after several topics involving people voicing their displeasure, I love the generic response. It shouldn't have taken that long to say something we all knew they were going to say.

Have they addressed people's displeasure with it, have they address that a bunch don't want to be force fed CRZ, no! What about other ideas to include multiple people being able to tag quest mobs? Nope.. So this information, what little it is, is just not helpful nor does it server any purpose.
Well this was anti-climactic.
Here's what I find jarring: That this post doesn't read "We've changed our mind and are turning it off".

I don't generally like to post criticism without ideas to make something work, but this topic has been hashed out to death. All I come away with the threads are people listing constructive suggestions and Blizzard reverting back to "Well, we want to fix bugs but like CRZ how it is". CRZ is not a welcome new addition. This is not a vocal minority situation, its a very bad idea implemented very poorly with way more negative ramifications to the culture and community than the benefits it provides.
I have yet to find anyone that I know on my server friend or guildie that likes CRZ. I dont like the fact that you claim things that arent true.
Having toons that farm old world mats that used to take a few hours now can take days and days. That being said if I get to a node on my own server or someone else does(from my server) it stays in our economy. If someone from another server gets it, being that its shared that possible economy is now gone and I cant get it back. That is not what I signed up for and wasnt given an option. Nor was anyone else when you forced this BS on the population.
Then you have rare spawns and other things that like have been said many many times used to have 2-4 people on a rotating basis farming.. now you have to contend with 40-50. Spawn times didnt go up to account for this. So now instead of waiting possibly days for a chance at it.. now it could be months or more before you get a valid chance.
And yet blue posts claim this is a hit?? just let people choose for themselves and see how small the population actually does like CRZ
Is the Northrend fishing tournament ever coming back? Will I have to keep camping the Kara wine cellar 4 times a night instead of just one for that pet?
10/30/2012 12:19 PMPosted by Mork

Most people like it or don't care about it. If you look at all the CRZ whine threads it's just the same 12-15 people posting over and over and over again.

QFT. Nice to see the post is highly rated.

Translation: I'll ignore the highly rated posts in the myriad of capped threads critical of the CRZ that present actual concerns and broken gameplay issues because this person, while presenting zero evidence to back their claim, shares the same level of reverie for Blizzard that I do.
10/30/2012 12:46 PMPosted by Disregarded
Well this was anti-climactic.


There is a MVP post on the first page that covers most of the things that Bliz has their collective heads in a hole on yet...

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