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10/30/2012 01:00 PMPosted by Scyl
CRZ still sucks.

If you want to update it then give us an optout option.

There will never be an opt-out.

I chose PVP FACKIN SERVER so i could PVP and not look at people i cant attack in a pvp zone because they are XREALM GTFO OUT OF HERE BLIZZARD
It's late in coming, though the expected "we do what we want" is there. Haven't been playing in a while, and so I'm curious to see if zones are about to become more empty than they ever were before CRZ. Not curious enough to log on, but I am a little curious.
10/30/2012 01:04 PMPosted by Mork

Well then, that's that. In esssence they are committed to cutting their nose off to spite their face, at least they admitted the multi passenger mount bug is unfixable. Other then those 2 points the rest of the post is vague at best and disheartening at worst.

Still no mention of what they intend to do about the fishing tournaments either.

They didn't say it was unfixable, they said it is difficult to fix. The fishing tournament requires a client patch, they mentioned that in the last update.

Pay attention and learn to read.

They've also said they can adjust the settings at will. They change those two zones to +/- 0 hours on Saturday and Sunday, and the fishing tournament problems are completely fixed.
"cross-realm zones are meant to improve the leveling experience by increasing the amount of people in the same zone together"

You lost me right there. I'd like to hear how this improves anything. Bliz has been reading the infinite complaints about it but still continues to try to justify their work as a positive. What are the statistics- 95% against, 5% for?

People want to quest alone or with someone they know. No one groups up with cross realm strangers to do easily soloable kill quests or worse- collection quests that you would then have to share with someone.

Please tell me how this improves the leveling experience in any way? It certainly didn't for my monk or any other toon I've leveled. I'm thankful Pandaria isn't cross realm yet.
I still have one big question about the outstanding CRZ issues. If it's known they'll take a while to fix, why not just turn off CRZs until they have been?

This is the first time I've known anyone to implement a system, recognize the bugs, and two months later still know the bugs are there but refuse to roll back the change that caused them.

Get it working properly first, solve the time zone and dismounting issues, and then turn it back on. I'm not saying throw it away, just let us have an experience that is as bug-free as possible.
10/30/2012 12:58 PMPosted by Thalois
Pandaria zones are starting to get pretty empty, I really hope Blizzard introduces CRZ to Pandaria soon.

I really hope they don't. My server is full of players, the CRZ zone pop cap is a lot higher than the zones are able to handle as it is in the areas it is enabled in. Maybe that's a solution, lower the amount of players per zone to enable a more even distribution of resources per zone instance?
Blizzard really should man up and stop refusing to admit that it's a money-saver for them.

I think if they just did this, I might care less about it. I just don't like them trying to act like the reason for CRZ is to make the game better for *us*.
With these updates - will CRZs be turned on in Pandaria with the 5.1 patch?

If not - how does Blizzard want to deal with the massive server faction imbalances with the new Karsarang Wilds PvP zones?

Also very curious about this. Pretty much makes or breaks me renewing on the 5th; i'm just waiting for some news on this topic. Doing -nothing- pretty much kills 5.1 for me, as my server is extremely imbalanced.
The dismounting of passengers when crossing borders is incredibly frustrating. When someone asks me for a ride somewhere my initial thought now is "Hell no!", because it takes forever when you add in finding them again, picking them up, waiting for them to rez if they get killed because of it, etc. Before MOP my same reaction to this request would've been "Of course!"

Fix it Blizzard. If there were issues with this function of CRZ it should've never gone live until fixed. Breaking two seater mounts is unforgivable.

10/30/2012 11:04 AMPosted by Rygarius
There are technical limitations preventing multi-passenger mounts from holding separate characters when crossing a zone boundary. Unfortunately, this isn’t something that we can quickly or easily fix.

I just want the bugs fixed, and the douchebags start getting banned. Some of those foul mouthed jerks need a few hours to cool their jets now and again.

I may be a foul mouthed person, but at least I leave the 4 letter words and sexist, racist and homophobic crap out of public channels.

I love you Reshaari. This is the main thing. Dun care about seeing people, just kind of expect them to take care of the people who should be getting taken care of. Sick of people getting an "oh well" on what used to be ban-able offenses. Or worse... getting ignored.
I'm not entirely sure what sort of "social experience" it is intended to foster when the game is entirely "grouping is optional" outside of instance queues(which, being cross-realm to begin with, were unaffected). These are no longer the days when you needed to have a group of three or more to complete the Revantusk village quest lines, or to make it past the "level plus twenty" Southshore guards to plant Helcular's rod, or wading through packs of Stromgarde Keep elites. The entire leveling aspect of the game is so anti-social that it appears to be a complete contradiction that they're so forcibly pushing this.

Blizzard is making this big thing with CRZ as some sort of pro-socializing aspect, when the entire core of the game from start through Pandaria content is viciously pro-solo play by design. There is absolutely no reason or incentive for people to socialize with eachother outside of "forced" interaction(read: pvp realms) - people will still go around eachother and do their own thing. In fact, the only change that CRZ has accomplished is dumping six times as many people onto competing over specific sets of quest or rare mobs.

What's funny is that this appears to be just one of no less than three different instances of doublethink on the part of Blizzard - CRZ, Sha/Galleon(given their previously loud proclamations of effort vs reward, they add these 496 factories), and the Warlock quest line(after gutting out Benediction/Rhok'delar/Pally mount/Scepter of the Shifting Sands quest lines and then saying they weren't doing that anymore considering the work involved vs. the overall number of players that actually benefit). It's absolutely amazing how they wordlessly push these complete contradictions to their past stances with no other acknowledgement besides "we have seen your feedback".

10/30/2012 12:07 PMPosted by Bezlok
Like, I dunno, lots of people don't like it, don't want it and never did.

Most people like it or don't care about it. If you look at all the CRZ whine threads it's just the same 12-15 people posting over and over and over again.

[Citation Needed]

1) "I get to see Jimmy the Druid 40 yards over while we both pick up poop in Nagrand. Hey wait, back off Jimmy! That's my poop! Go get your own!"

I want to hug you. Badly.
nah really CRZ suck badly... have you ever tried ( you GM ) to farm in outland? 1 node each 30 min... or even having a level 90s 40 man raid flying in lower zone and ganking everyone... camping ... its for that reason that everyone prefer to level with instance now... level safely and faster than just by questing in CRZ
10/30/2012 12:41 PMPosted by Barandis
The player base isn't leaving because of it. I think it's safe to assume that if anyone's post includes the words "I'm cancelling," then 1) we don't believe you, and 2) we don't care. I'll be honest. I don't believe that your guild was decimated because of CRZ.

More of them are probably quitting due to the dailies grind and poor attitude by a few key people in management and development.

That's your problem. Make it +/- 0 hour difference and solve a good few problems in one go. Don't try be sneaky and get around it by making an Azeroth time for all servers.

That's their best bet though. Not enough servers of each type in each datacenter to justify splitting them up that way. And no, I'd take an hour jump over being connected to a datacenter that ISN'T Los Angeles, so CRZing everyone with everyone else isn't an option. I like my low latency.

Translation: I'll ignore the highly rated posts in the myriad of capped threads critical of the CRZ that present actual concerns and broken gameplay issues because this person, while presenting zero evidence to back their claim, shares the same level of reverie for Blizzard that I do.

I counted more than that in unique posters.

I also counted about 8 trolls posting on alts.

Time Zone Jumps

We’re still discussing how to best approach this situation.

They haven't even decided what they're going to do about this yet. They're still talking about it.

10/30/2012 12:58 PMPosted by Darmoch
The time zone thing seems like an easy fix. Put all realms on the region in one Time Zone. Bam. Problem solved (which I guess is what was suggested by mentioning 'fundamental changes.')

But I am now paired with zones in PST. I don't want to be there. I like my CST zone. Combine with me CST servers, and that would be just peachy though <3
I still have one big question about the outstanding CRZ issues. If it's known they'll take a while to fix, why not just turn off CRZs until they have been?

And not bring it back.


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