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Still thinkin an opt out function would solve everything lol
Is it possible that we will see this feature removed? I don't see anything positive about CRZ.
10/30/2012 01:19 PMPosted by Halldór
I still have one big question about the outstanding CRZ issues. If it's known they'll take a while to fix, why not just turn off CRZs until they have been?

And not bring it back.


10/30/2012 01:23 PMPosted by Palpadin
Is it possible that we will see this feature removed? I don't see anything positive about CRZ.

No. The irony of CRZ is that the more people it drives away, the more Blizzard needs it.
Wow. What a disappointment. Am I supposed to be surprised that you are working on the bugs? What a sad state of affairs.

Let me know when you're ready for a real discussion about the inherent issue: the community erosion that naturally accompanies any population availability feature and your proposals for offset.
10/30/2012 01:24 PMPosted by Zeke
No. The irony of CRZ is that the more people it drives away, the more Blizzard needs it.

/salute So very, very true.
10/30/2012 11:33 AMPosted by Stevarius
Despite a few lingering technical issues, we’re happy with how CRZ is populating the leveling areas with other players, and helping to once again foster MMO social experiences in the 1-85 content. The process for tuning CRZ is of course one that’s ongoing, and we’re committed to continuing to work on it and iron out any remaining issues as quickly as possible.

You continue to be completely out of touch and ignorant of the majority of the feedback you are getting. That you are actually happy with the "MMO social experience" you have created, surely indicates to me that this is no longer the game for me. I was waiting to see how this was going to go, I have my answer now. I'll be leaving after my AP is up as well.

Selfishness. This is the only word I can think of when I read statements like this. Pure, uncensorced ignorant Selfishness.

So for all the people who do like CRZ, what of them? Is their opinion not worth anything? In your haste, you criticize Blizzard for not listening to the players, yet are you failing to see that there are people out there that DO like CRZ and Blizzard is continuing to work hard to help make it better for them?

Majority you say. From what ive seen, the number who claim to dislike CRZ is much much closer to the number who do. Problem is, people who like it arent coming to the forums to talk about it. They're comfortably doing quests in zones where there are people about. Enjoying the game.

Selfishness. Thats all you showed to me.

Will there be changes to 1-85 content that requires grouping to complete? What advantage does CRZ truly offer the player?

The ILLUSION of population.
The fact that people are going to (or have) quit over CRZ is just laughable. You not getting your outdated ore and herbs as much as you used to is 'game breaking'? Rly?

Let's just throw a hypothetical out here:

What if they decided to, in the end, have done server mergers with all low pop realms? That way, the outdated mats stay in server. You know what happens? 1) You still get high numbers of people 'stealing' your nodes, but not only in low level realms, but in current content as well. 2) You still get ganked more often if you're on a PvP realm. And 3) things such as the Fishing Tourny and questing are still filled with competition.

Every complaint, quibble, or issue that I've seen on this issue all resorts to there being too many people. And yet, why is it before CRZ was implemented I've seen endless "MERGE XXX REALM NAO!!"? Now that they've done it, the complaint trend has swung 180*.

Yes, there are bugs, and yes, flying my wife cross zones to have her dismount off my two-seater is annoying. But when they fix that (and they will), I will be perfectly happy with seeing more people around a once dead realm.

You don't understand the difference between merging servers and CRZ.

People wanted server merges because extremely low-pop servers made it impossible to form guilds and raiding groups. CRZ does not fix that problem, and Blizzard has stated this. People weren't complaining that servers were dead because there weren't people out in zones.

If you haven't noticed, and apparently you haven't, people are STILL calling for server merges because servers are STILL dead. There's just not as many because the big focus right now is on the new content. Give it a month or two, and more people will be back to wanting their servers merged, because they'll be facing the problem of no one to raid with yet again.

CRZ, on the other hand, just takes all the players that would normally be in a given zone on their own server, and throws them all together in one cross-server zone. Does NOTHING to address the real issues of low-pop servers, which have nothing to do with herbs and ores, or seeing people in leveling zones.

It's not about competition for nodes. That's just what some people want to think all the complaints are. Those people haven't actually bothered to READ the complaints, people like yourself.
10/30/2012 12:58 PMPosted by Mishotem
The word is bugs. Not quirks. Bugs. Bugs you knew about since May, and still pushed this feature to live play.

The dismounting is a functional reality.

That's a technical issue and not a bug. Due to how the transition works, dismounting your passenger is working as designed. It's a predicted consequence.

Still would like them to FIX IT.

10/30/2012 12:58 PMPosted by Darmoch
The time zone thing seems like an easy fix. Put all realms on the region in one Time Zone. Bam. Problem solved (which I guess is what was suggested by mentioning 'fundamental changes.')

Most games that I've played that have a real time clock set the in game clock to Pacific time. Most game HQs are... in Pacific time. The only exception are the Korean games.

EverQuest does a 72 minute day.

10/30/2012 12:58 PMPosted by Darmoch
All that said, I'm a bit surprised by the push Bliz is giving the CRZs in general. The intended purpose is to give players a more social experience while leveling, but the design of the game itself is contrary to that goal.

That's because that's the story they came up with and are sticking to it. It's financial, plain and simple. They know the social experience won't improve. Especially when they don't enforce their code of conduct in game.

I honestly think sticking all servers CRZed together on the same time zone, even if it means changing their current one, is no problem at all. What does it really matter what time zone the server is in as long as they're all the same?

As I've mentioned, do what everyone else does and stick the game on Pacific. Problem solved.

Time Zone Jumps

Right now we have a three-hour time zone differential limit on which realms can be mixed together. This is intended to reduce day/night jumps from occurring when crossing CRZ zones, as well as time zone jumps that may cause world events to end earlier than intended. We agree that the day/night jump can be jarring, and planning for last minute turn-ins for events can be difficult and frustrating.

We’re still discussing how to best approach this situation. One of the ideas being floated around is potentially changing how regional time zones work on a very fundamental level. It’s a change we’ve been discussing for quite a while, and perhaps the CRZ system provides the catalyst to go ahead and make it. We’ll keep you updated as we consider the best solution.

I honestly think sticking all servers CRZed together on the same time zone, even if it means changing their current one, is no problem at all. What does it really matter what time zone the server is in as long as they're all the same?

Personally I think this a problem. Combine LIKE TZ servers is a better idea. I do not wish to ever be on a Pacific server. Ever. Due to my geographic location, I chose a CST server to serve my play experience.
In my opinion, it is disappointing news to hear that work is continuing to try to tune and improve CRZ to make it a functional feature, as I was hoping for it's removal instead. Other than giving people the illusion of fuller zones while leveling, there is nothing else beneficial for this feature, and this one benefit does not out-weigh the many negatives that many of the nay-sayers see in CRZ.

I think that Blizzard should have a poll that pops up once for each player that will let them vote on one of three options, 1) Keep CRZ, 2) Kill CRZ, or 3) Doesn't impact me either way. See which group is the vocal minority, the group wanting to see other people in their leveling experience or the people who dislike the ganking/rare-fighting/node-fighting/economy harm/Population alterations/etc.

The Devs could save themselves a lot of work trying to get something fixed that the people just don't want. Many nay-sayers see that dev time as potentially going to much better causes that wouldn't have negatives to anyone's game time.
In no particular order...

1. Fix two seater mounts.
2. Increase mob and node spawn frequency and density.
3. Increase rare mob spawn frequency.
4. Incentivize group play and social interaction.

Do this and CRZ is essentially "fixed" AFAIC.

Honestly, the fact that Blizz implemented CRZ without taking any measures to counter the negative effects of high zone population is baffling to me. This, coupled with an eagerness to release an unfinished system (see "tech-related quirks"), seems to me at least... motivation beyond improving gameplay. But I digest...

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