[H-Rp/PvP] Clan Stormfist: A New Beginning

Emerald Dream
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((Bumpity bump!))
(( Bump for some awesome Orc fellas!

BTW, there was a warrior in SMC the other day asking me something-or-other about blankets. I believe I was disconnected before I could make him extraordinarily uncomfortable. Many apologies! I hate being interrupted in the middle of RP! ))
Back to the top!

Also, today we will offically be at lvl 25. Came a long way, now its about to pay off.

Be ready for it!
*walks into the thread and, after reading the announcment, blesses the bulletin board before walking into the sunrise*

((Officially lvl 25!))
As the druid flee'd from the burning village, he looked behind him one last time. The humans attacked out of nowhere at the darkest shade of the night. Their numbers seemed endless, and with only 10 guards on duty, the peaceful camp fell with ease.

Enthrak let loose a roar as he thought about going back and fighting to the death, crushing any human he can. He quickly dismissed the idea and instead ran faster. As one of the 3 Tauren left alive, he owed it to his tribe to live on and fight smartly.

When he reached Razor Hill he saw a sign:


The druid knew the only way he could avenge his tribe without killing innocent Alliance would be to join a powerfull and mercifull clan.

I will not dissapoint.
FRIENDS BEYOND TIME: An adventure told by one Chipewa "Chip" Skydreamer

((reserved for story post. Too tired to type it atm.))

Beginning to setup for rbgs, could use some healers. Interested? Contact me!

Of course, theres the rp and wpvp. Cmon, ya know ya want to join your big and green pals. We don't bite!

Well, except maybe Dallet.

But seriously.

Join up!
:::pulls out scroll of bump and reads:::

*pops Smoke Bomb and sends a knife hurdling through the air, watching it stick into the bulletin board with the following message:

*Shoita looks over the board and cant find the Clan Stormfist letter anywhere. Digging through the endless adds of items for sale she finds the letter and pins it back on top*


"junk, junk..... where is the recruitment letter?"


*grabs letter, puts it on top*
Bump for a fun Rp-PvP guild

Lok'tar friends!
The techno mage walks up to the board and ses the countless amounts of posts. He sighs and turns on his goggles.

"Locate Stormfist Recruitment post" he says, and within seconds, his goggles give a few beeps and gives location of where his clan's post was.

He neatly digs through the other posts until he reaches his own clan's and ppaces ot at the top of the board.

The techno mage nods and rocket boots away.

*walks up to the announcement board, finds the recruitment post, and tacks it back on top with the following message:*

Hail, heroes of the Horde!

Any shu'halo interested in joining our clan, please feel free to speak with me.

Sunwalker Sioushan Dawnchaser
Shu'halo Ambassador of the Clan Stormfist
Bump for an awesome group of Orcs!
12/24/2012 08:42 AMPosted by Tharösh
Bump for an awesome group of Orcs!

*cracks knuckles*

You're forgetting about we shu'halo.

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