The Night Watchman Set - Transmog

Hey guys, so far I've collected two pieces for "The Night Watchman" set (which is a recolor of the Nightslayer Set):

- The Night Watchman (head)
- Terrorweave (body)

I know that there is a third piece (legs), but I was hoping if anyone could give advice on on the hands, feet, belt, shoulders? I know that Nightslayer has a gold recolor, but I'm trying to find pieces that work with the colors from the Night Watchman.

Anyone help would be great.
BTW, I love the colors which is why I'm trying to find matching sets!
Those colors don't match what I listed above...

I'm trying to find pieces that look like the recolor or the original, but colors matching what I listed.

I did my due diligence, and to be honest, couldn't find too many matching pieces... but going to keep going through and looking at it through item comparison viewer.
i dont even know how to get any pieces of the armour
[item="the nightwatcher" /]
dang its cool
i have no idea what the rest of the transmog set looks like
This is the Rest of the set i could find.
Sorry Guanshiyin... unfortunately, there isn't more than the four pieces. And quite honestly, although they use the same colors... they didn't seem to color them in a way that really pulls them together.

The only Nightslayer recolor that has a full set is the yellow compilation :(

a handy website that has pictures of (almost) all xmoggable items for our class. i usually use this plus the item comparison tool on wowhead to come up with xmogs.
Well... lookit that!

It still doesn't change the fact that the set they want just really doesn't any matching pieces... but that is truly cool nonetheless Phopaw. :)
I would kill for a full druid T3 set.
So far the best looking shoulders I can find to go along with this helm is:

Along with other off-pieces, it matches pretty well but still leaves me looking for something closer to the color scheme.

Another way to improvise is to use shoulders, belt, gloves, and boots from:

But again, not spot on..wish there were grey Nightslayer shoulders that monks could get! >.>
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I'm looking to I see that the waste walker bc set goes pretty well but looking for others.
07/14/2015 04:00 PMPosted by Nightwàtch
I'm looking to I see that the waste walker bc set goes pretty well but looking for others.

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