[A-25]Dark Endeavor 1/16H 13/16N LF Casters

Dark Endeavor is Looking for Strong Caster Dps and Healing.

Caster Dps Needs:

Warlock - Very High
Shadow Priest -Very High
Ele Shaman - High
Boomkin - High
Mage - Medium

Healing Needs:

Paladin - Open
Priest - Open
Shaman - Open
Druid - Closed
Monk - Closed

-Keep in mind that we are always on the lookout for the best players and exceptional applications of any class or role Will be considered!

Our raid schedule is:
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9pm - 1am PST (12 -4am EST)

About Dark Endeavor:
We are a Late Night guild full of long time raiders, many of whom have been raiding since Vanilla. Our core group of officers and many raiders have been pushing raid content together for Years. Our main focus is 25 Player Heroic Content.

Loot system:
We use an open bid dkp system that earns you points for time spent in raids, even on the bench!
(main > off spec and weekly dkp decay)

Contact Information:
If you're interested please contact Berianther, Dalya, Burgitte or Tueur in game and feel free to check us out and apply at Darkendeavor.net
Its a fun group! And if some of those casters had a good healing off-spec, that might be cool too!
Looking For More
do you raid late night? then Dark Endeavor is the place for you!
I like to raid late night!.

Application sent on the guild website.

Bumping it up for them casters.
Currently 1/6hc MV and 4/6 HoF.

Come join us!
1/6 hc MV and 5/6 HoF now
1/6 Heroic MV, 3/6 HoF 25m (6/6 HoF, 2/4 ToES 10m) looking for more of dem caster deeps :)
Omg you went gnome nooooooooo! :(
Still in need of Shadow Priest by chance?
Yes! Our website is currently down so keep an eye out for Berianther or Tueurr in game please :D
Yeah was just gonna ask about the website. Will be in touch with the above names in game very soon. Thanks again Rennexx.
Bumpy bump :D
Looking for a good holy paladin, resto shaman and range dps :)
bump for 3/4 25m ToES
bump for 4/6 HoF

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