Brawlers invites will just be sold

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Well done making them invite only. You realise people are just gonna spam trade chat selling invites for idiotic amounts of gold right?
That, or, maybe guild members would give them out.
Or, and here's a really neat idea:

Maybe they're testing it on PTR to see if the idea works? All we know so far is they'll be selling them on BMAH. For all we know there'll be 100 invites a day going up starting at 100g each.
They will only be able to do that for so long. Eventually an invite will land in the hands of someone who is perfectly willing to break the monopoly on invites then prices will drop like a rock.
Is it at least one invite and you are in for ever? Or is invitational per match? If its the latter then screw that
i wonder if invites will be limited. so one person just doesnt invite 100 people and thoes 100 invites 100 and so on

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