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Does anyone know if the Oceanic servers reflect the southern hemisphere seasonal pet? Should we be getting the Tanaris pet now or the Snowy Owl? I would have thought the Snowy Owl so there wouldn't be crazy business on Oceanic servers, but I looked all over Winterspring last night and didn't see a single one.
Snowy Owls are spawning apparently but they have a long respawn and are being camped by alot of players for pet battles.
Can confirm snowy owls are up. Not much competition on Dath'Remar tbh and there's a long while to go (lasting all of 'winter'). See if you can party up with a mate on another server to farm off Frostmourne for a while.
Yes its winter everywhere in Azeroth so 6 months wait for the Tanaris pet. Snowy owls seem to be around really early in the morning 5am or so.

Good luck!
wondered this very thing yesterday.
I've been wandering Winterspring for around a half hour looking for an owl. On my way there on a flightpath I saw a good amount of them but of course crossrealm gets me again. I was also wondering if maybe since Frostmourne is an Oceanic, maybe it isn't winter. But i suppose it is, so still I search.

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