[A] <Air> look for us on Sargeras!

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Hey I have dialysis M-W-F but wondering if you have a spot for melee dps on your thursday alt raid.

WW is ideal but BrM or MW can be doable for a spot.

I have not raided MoP yet just a few weeks into my return. But have quite the backround from BC-CATA.

Let me know in game or here please!
We can probably accommodate. Ideally if you can do MW as your OS for 3 healing fights that'd be awesome. My battletag is Xel#1972
we haz cookiez
i cant breathe wihtout aiyre aiyre aiyre
heh :)

horridon down, more troll killing fun on monday!
doing hof alt run next thursday!
also looking for a 3rd person for our 3's team, disc/ret/YOU!
I like these guys.
cookiez XD
council down
Alt runs for this Thursday (April 4th, aka. tomorrow):

ToES 4/4 Full Clear 8:00AM-9:00AM CST: http://openraid.us/r/88560
HoF 6/6 Full Clear 9:30AM-12:30PM CST: http://openraid.us/r/89435

Sign-up on openraid if interested :D

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