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If you could vote for a new leader for the Horde or Alliance, who would it be?
Poll ended on Nov 7, 2012
Vol'jin for Warchief.
I'm a troll and I vote for my race's Leader Vol'jin!
Of course the draenei are left out again.
I would vote for: [Basic Campfire]


He's watching you...
Needs more Baine votes :3

♥ Aune
Gamon for Warchief. He has dealt with our griefing long enough!
[Basic Campfire] 2012!
Sylvanas Windrunner in 2013 please make it happen, as long as you dont kill her off right after.
Vol'jin would be a good warchief... but I must side with my Dark lady.
I voted Sylvanas. Vol'jin's the man, but Sylvanas is special.
[Basic Campfire] for Alliance leader. Or possibly one of the burned bricks from the Stormwind Wall. Or anything else that has more brain cells than our current leader.
Vol'jin 2013
Vol'jin all the way. Trolls play the bad guys so often in game - we need some glory too!
I know thrall has had his time already but 4 MORE YEARS!
Basic Campfire! It feeds us, keeps us warm, lights the darkness at night. Does anyone else do that? Can you roast a chicken just by putting it close to Greymane? Can you sizzle bacon on Sylvanas?


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