[A-25 Man] Dysfunction of Kel'Thuzad [8/13H]

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Onqon will die tomorrow
iron juan h3h3
Qon of Iron?
bump for you guys

coming back full time this Friday

just in time for Cinco De Mayo
WB Busybee! BTW Iron Qon dead!
Grats, I meant to wish you luck in my post but I wasn't sure which boss you were on. I'm not all too familiar with these raids in all honesty, but nice to see you knocking out bosses. Here's to a couple more this week!
LF healers PST
Hiring priests to murder deepy with life grip!
LF Disc among other healers. Come try and kill me before I can dispersion
LF Healers Disc and Mist Weavers especially. Apply today. Lockouts resetting soon xD
LF healers. Come keep us alive today
Durumu is dead. Need MOAR

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