[A-25 Man] Dysfunction of Kel'Thuzad [8/13H]

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Why are people from Indes always mean :(
I recently changed it, so did you mean the beating heart one? :o
Where'd the old transmog go Busy?
Much better!
Why can't everyone just be nice to each other? Being mean accomplishes nothing at all.
Pi where did your wolf xmog go!?
Updated for Heroic Wind Lord.
12/03/2012 01:51 PMPosted by Busybee
Pi where did your wolf xmog go!?

Respect the pimp hat please.

The pimp hat is nice....Just his wolf xmog is pretty !@#$ing funny
Ignore Indes.
They're just coping with being less progressed than they'd like this tier.
It's ok, I'm sure they'll improve next tier and give you guys a fight for second.
Whats up with the roster changes?
Stalkers are scary. I am taking some time away due to a death in the family. Wowprogress shows me, my alts and some random alts that have been left in the guild for awhile exiting. I'm thrilled to have a great mistweaver replacing me until I can come back full time.

Thank you for your concern though, it is much appreciated.
Feuds aside, sincerely am sorry to hear that.
I am so sorry B. :( if theres anything you need just scream at me

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