[A-25 Man] Dysfunction of Kel'Thuzad [8/13H]

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Thank you guys very much for your kind words. It's been a really rough week but I've been doing a pretty decent job of staying sidetracked.
Eva your new xmog dude....it's....just omg....
Don't hate.
I didn't hate bro!
I hate
Updated for Heroic Garalon. Good job guys!
Grats on Garalon
Thank you Nerf :)
Did you really get it in 6 pulls?
My DBM showed pull 17 when we killed it. Our first night of actually working on it was Thursday and we were not at full capacity, just working on a strategy on an off night. I do believe that Wowprogress/World of logs is bugged for that fight as is armory. Since some logs show LFR/Normal and progress doesn't count on armory.
Glad to see you guys back on track

From one mage to another...

We all know why you rolled a monk.. You were jealous of my transmog B.. Its okay i understand <3
You figured me out. :)
Updated for Heroic Will kill! :):):):)
!@#$ YEAH HEROIC WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you Busy!
Damn you guys are flying through.. Great job

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