[A-25 Man] Dysfunction of Kel'Thuzad [8/13H]

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I didn't mean to....had someone on my RealID with the same first name as you that I was trying to remove.
We are dorkus!
WTB Resto Shaman....PST
and super kawaii range ~~ ^_^v
That ....thing..... is not super kawaii :(
(・ェ-) (╹ェ╹) (◕‿◕✿) (。♥‿♥。)
Probably won't matter since the world is ending Friday...but....if by chance it doesn't....we're still looking for great DPS.
Merry Christmas! Still looking for great DPS!
Just traded 7 baseball cards for a pet turkey this is going to be a great new years
I like turkey
Happy New Years Eve!
Yay for Ambershaper!
Amber Explosions for all!
Happy New Year, Busy!
Q.T. Pi.
Updated for Heroic Lei Shi

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