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When I type in my login information it says "Success!", but never sends me to the game. If I cancel the "Success" box it gives me a "Searching for realms" box, which also never sends me to the game. I've reset everything, and it still won't let me in. Any tips?
This just started today after the realms went down.
Hi Krez,

Can you try Flushing your DNS and clearing your Reset UI/Temp files and see if that helps?

  • DNS Flush (Mac)
  • Reset UI
  • ________________________________________________
    I just gave that a go, but it still does not work. I actually managed to get in for a bit late last night, but now it's back to being stuck at "success!"
    Still can't log in.
    I can elaborate on this. I am experiencing the same issue.

    At loading screens my bar will freeze and my color wheel will turn into the hand cursor. At this point the client is completely frozen.

    I command option escape out and am presented with an error report dialogue. When I attempt to fill that out and submit it it hangs and I have to force close it as well.

    After that logging back in gets me the stuck at success message.

    I click cancel and am presented with a realm choice.

    I choose khadgar and get to the final stage of connection and it hangs there.

    I then cancel out and close the client again and it may repeat the issue or let me back in. 3rd time has always worked so far.

    Also during these frequent disconnects (every other loading screen or so) the launcher pauses for 15-20 seconds at initializing.

    I have deleted all my cache files, rebooted, tried with addons disabled, no effect.

    My friend is getting a similar issue and he is on a PC so I don't know if it is related just to Mac OS.

    We haven't had anything like this happen before Wednesday afternoon after the instance servers were restarted.

    I have an iMac 2011 with the 2tb Radeon and OS 10.7.4 (or whatever the latest is i forgot the last number T_T)
    I've seen this happen on networks that have additional security measures in place, like universities/colleges/work. Are y'all on these types of network?

    If something has changed recently on the network relating to security settings, this is something we're unable to look into, as these are controlled by a network administrator.
    I am on a university campus; however, it does seem strange that this happened directly after the realms went down. I had no issues with this ever before, and i've been on campus for a long time now.
    I tried to log on from my college's wireless and had the same issue. I'm certain it's an issue with the network's security and not something to do with my local computer/files. Which really sucks cause I was looking forward to not doing homework.

    Bliz - Any suggestions as to what to ask our network admin's to try allow us to play?
    The only things I can think of is that maybe something changed on the way it filters data for WoW itself.

    Have you tried to delete the cache and see if it helps?

    Clearing your Cache
      1. Navigate to Mac HD/Users/Shared/Blizzard/
      2. Move the folder to the trash.
      3. Empty the Trash.
      4. Launch WoW

    I've attempted all of these options a number of times, and none some to give me great results. It has been letting me in randomly sometimes, but for the most part I am still stuck at "success!" Can you think of any reason why it would let me in sometimes, but not others?
    Also, when I do get on, every time I cast Typhoon it disconnects me.
    This is something that is still relating to how it connects from the campus. Have you tried at a non-campus location and see if it works?

    I'll ping our teams to see what other factors can be at hand, but at this point, all signs point to the network connection. Universities/College networks are sometimes difficult to troubleshoot, as these have additional security features that can cause issues, and only teh network admins have access to troubleshoot the issues.
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    The more things change, the more they stay the same.
    Yes, you are right. It works off campus. Like Zaarn said above, is there anything we can do?
    I have been experiencing the same issue from around the same time that you posted this, and am still experiencing it. One of the most frustrating things to happen. I can tether my phone into my comp and log in instantly. But the tethered internet causes severe lag while playing so its just not a viable alternative. I have a friend that works in the IT department at my university and he has taken a look into my computer and the problem. Unfortunately I attend a state university where the students in the IT department really have no control over the network because the school is required to bring in state people to setup the network to state regulations. But what is interesting to me is that my problem began occurring right about the realms went down as you said and I also can login sometimes. And this makes you want to snap your computer in half because it says "success" when really it means "fail".

    My friend determined that it had to be the network and some new server system that they had installed that allowed them to control the users bandwith more specifically. So he put me on the staff VLAN list, which is supposedly giving my computer priority bandwith. Only problem is that it still does not work a lot of the time.

    He presented me with a set of steps that seems to "trick", as i like to call it, the stupid university network into letting me into the game. Only issue with this is most the time if I completely exit the game client after playing and being logged in, when restarting it back up I get stuck at "success" again.

    Using windows:
    -open command prompt
    -type: ipconfig/release (this releases your IP)
    -type: ipconfig/renew (this renews your IP)
    -close command prompt
    -then he suggested that I open my browser, go to the staff website of my university and try to re-register my computer on their VLAN list, which it already is on so I get a message every time saying that it is already registered. (lots of times i can skip this step and it works fine)
    -close the browser
    -open command prompt again
    -type: ipconfig/release
    -type: ipconfig/renew
    -close command prompt

    Sometimes I must repeat these steps 5+ times along with unplugging my ethernet and restarting my computer several times as well just to be able to login

    And then sometimes I can turn my laptop on and login immediately no problem.

    I believe that this topic still deserves attention and some more investigation, because I know there are a lot of people that play WoW in college and a probably experiencing similar if not the same problem.

    One last thing that I thought of is that how is it I can easily connect to the servers and login on here, the wow forum/site, and cannot on the game client?

    Different ports, urls, and data packets are being used.

    And this is being looked into, but the difficulties remain is that each network may have different security settings, corporate network policies, traffic shaping and etc, which we cannot 100% account for.

    Since this sort of falls outside of what technical support can directly assist with, you will want to make suggestions in the General Discussion forums.
    i was also having the same problem
    tried many solutions mention all over the net nothing worked until I decided to mess around with settings on my own,

    I turned off the option " Enable IPV6 when available"
    and that fixed the problem for me
    maybe its the same for you try it and see

    hope this helps

    I turned off the option " Enable IPV6 when available"
    and that fixed the problem for me
    maybe its the same for you try it and see


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