Stuck at "Success!"

Mac Technical Support
Blizzard, are you sure its a problem not are your end? I mean, what are the chances that several hundred networks SUDDENLY start having problems getting information though to your side during that small 7 hour reset time during Tuesday?
Mine is getting stuck on connected i did what it says to do and it still does not work. is there a way that i can fix it because both of my computers does it and i cant play untill its fix they better fix it next update or even better now!!!! lol i still LOVE WOW still tho
would it workk if i re download wow
I am also having the same issue. With no network changes at all made. Last night worked fine, today it doesn't.
Try pressing cancel on "Success!" and cancel on the "Finding realms" thing. then enter you login details and authenticator number (if necessary) and it should work! :)

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