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Alright. So I made a physical order through the Blizzard store.

The way my campus handles any non-usps mail is that someone in a specific residence hall picks all the packages up and then you can go and ask for it, and they give it to you.

When I saw today on the online tracking that my package had arrived, been delivered, and signed for by someone, I went to pick it up at said location, only to be told that they hadn't received anything.

Needing some proof to take it with their supervisors, I went to fedex's site to get the proof of delivery printed, along with the signature of whoever picked my package up. However, the site tells me that:

"To view a signature image and detailed proof of delivery information,enter the 9-digit shipper or payer FedEx account number associated to the shipment.Otherwise, you will receive a summary proof of delivery without an image.

I got no such number when I ordered my item from Blizzard, other than the tracking number. Would it be possible to get this number, access the signature image of whoever got my item, so I can show it to their supervisor and try and locate my package?
You need to call Billing and Account Services, and they should be able to help you.

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