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hopped into a random and on the final boss typed "12345666566652346556667" into chat while the rest of my group actually killed the boss
11/10/2012 07:33 AMPosted by Nybling
I think I'd be more embarrassed to admit I click on people to heal them.

I click on people to put things like earth shield on them. Everything else is mouseover macros on my shaman, priest, paladin and druid.

My monk here still manually targets for quite a few things because I haven't been bothered to make mouseover macros for most of her heals.
11/10/2012 12:14 PMPosted by Somnii
When you are OOM and you didnt change out of your PVP gear.

When you're OOM and didn't change out of your Feral gear. >.>
You run a heroic dungeon wearing this outfit.
you can't keep the tank alive but can keep the dps that takes the aggro up.

EDIT: Misunderstood thread... I've on more than three occasions jumped off that cliff because I either jumped just a little too early when mounting or just forgetting I dismounted and jumping off thinking I could fly.
When you hit Distracting Shot instead of Misdirection...And Feign is on CD.
I've accidently clicked the f key (auto-run) instead of the g key (earth shield) for the tank and ran into the next pack of mobs or boss, numerous times. go to throw some junk out of your bag and try to trade someone passing by some Partially Digested Meat. go to bandage yourself after losing a duel and bandage the person that just beat you whom has already fully healed themselves up.
accident when you pressed enter and saying "213421123qwadawdaeada31211123123adwdasasdxasdwa1232131231" Then died from the guy who was attacking you... in pvp...
When your raid has just wiped, and everyone runs back for a second try at the boss... and after the boss is dead, you realize you still have Aspect of the Pack on and quietly turn it off, thankful that no one noticed.

When your entire party goes AFK, and your boredom causes you to repeatedly Hunter's Mark the next group, but you hit the wrong button... and everyone returning from AFK finds that the only party member still alive is you--yay feign death!
when you're overhealing the poop out of your water elemental because you accidentally clicked on him and had no idea frostbolt could now legally target your pet, and then continue to heal your pet while you yell in vent : "Guys!! I'm healing my pet with frostbolts! When did they do that?"
I used to have all my main moves bound to wasd and shift mods of that for pve, one day in a raid i had autorun on my mouse on for a few sec cause I'm to lazy to hold both mouse buttons down, my mouse died....and i ran right into a pack of trash, friends still call me a noob for it :P oh an I had to pay everyones repair for that wipe.
in a dual as a low level priest i put the sheild on the warlock and not myself. lets just say i was owned rather fast and didnt even get a hit on them
For healing, it is usually trying to heal the tank with big heals only to find out I was healing myself during my time of panic :P Luckily, I tend to notice when the tank is at around 30% health.

For DPS, it is the traditional Hunter pull. I sometimes had to actively position and face my Hunter away from other trash packs because the left click or tab target from using abilities sometimes screwed up on me and issued the auto shoot at bad times. I am sure some Hunters also experienced pressing Kill Shot only for the killing blow to get sniped from someone else, which results in "kill targeting" the next trash pack.

As a tank, I really hate the tab targeting getting the furthest available target ever since Cataclysm came out. This has caused my paladin to pull another group with Avenger's Shield once. If this was a sneaky way for getting me to use a few key binds for my main rotation spells, it seems to have worked :P
@blue poster, why worry about healing a hunter or warlocks pet, i do that too, I thought that was part of a healer's job, obviously heal the hunter over the pet, but I find that healing a pet, so they dont have to waste precious seconds reviving their pets is a good thing isn't it?
No only showing up with fishing pole, trying to figure out who guildies are yelling at over Vent, while of course, standing in fire, while sober. Go figure. Not a good day to take your SAT.
When you remember to change into your healing gear for a raid but forget to change spec and then attempt to cast Beacon of Light on the tank and cast Righteous Defense on him instead...
Remembering seal of insight... after the heroic is over!

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