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11/10/2012 11:17 AMPosted by Amberlynh
Downside being that said pet will just come back to life with Heart of the Phoenix. =3

Fair enough



But what if.....what if the hunter entered the BG with a pet specced Tenacity or Cunning. Though I hadn't really thought about're right.

Still though....kill my pet twice and I just blew an 8 minute CD :3

I guess it's harder to kill my pet twice o.O

But I still think people should attack and CC my pet way more.... :3

Fight the hunter and ignore/CC the pet or you will surely die.
Although pets are a bit more of a problem reciently.
Charging right off the ledge during Ultraxion in Dragonsoul, or the more recent and less severe Amberwing during the second boss in Siege of Niuzao.
This thread is filled with terrible players. Clickers ewrrrr... get back! Back I say!!!
For me it's usually just pressing the wrong key and wasting a cd generally happens right before a boss fight.

I also used to pvp a lot so I had two ret specs for pve and pvp and I would always wonder why my keys were always all messed up.
When you're carrying the flag in WSG as a paladin, and you've got some Horde on your back. Your health is getting low, so like any good paladin, you bubble.
When you enter a dungeon in your RP gear, and start pulling mobs, and your friends say "Eli...aren't you forgetting something?"
11/10/2012 06:02 PMPosted by Crithto
...when you're caught scootin'.

Lol'd way more then I should have.
...When I realize I forgot to get out of Defensive stance...
When you sell tons of stuff to a vendor and get to the scrolls you intend to use and right click them to buff your self and buff the vendor instead...

Back when retaliation was a 30 minute cool down and you popped it to get your one kill in a battleground against a rogue to have him disarm you.

Or when a mage 10 levels lower than you keeps you sheeped for 10 minutes straight why he tries to set up the perfect burst scenario with pyroblast.

Or when you are still learning in battlegrounds and you try mounting with the flag. And then get to laugh nearly everyday when some new paladin shields himself with it.

When you think you have the AH down and decide to corner the market on fadeleaf.
...blink, as a gnome into the poisonous fountains in naxx, only to realize you are to short to jump back out and die lol
when you realize, back in Heroic Steam Vaults, the REASON the healer is having trouble keeping you alive through the first two or three pulls is NOT because of their lack of skill or gear...but rather because you were fishing in blue overalls and forgot to put your armor back on.
After playing Horde characters for several years, I decide to level a long-neglected Alliance character in Icecrown, and out of pure habit I fly onto the Horde gunship.
That moment when your guild is all grouped up, buffed up waiting for the count down to pull the boss and your cat picks just that moment to jump on your keyboard and hits your auto run button. You see yourself shooting across the room while frantically trying to get the cat off your keyboard and find that darn auto run button. But it really doesn't matter if you find it or not because now you've pulled the boss and aggro'd everyone and your dead. Oh and while said cat was walking across the keyboard it also manages to hit your time warp hot key so everyone has the debuff if they didn't die.
I clicked raid frames to target people for years. I recently switched over to mouseover macros (using my same keybinds) and I can say with 100% confidence that the people who claim using mouseover healing is superior in terms of reaction time and/or HPS are completely full of crap because in the former style one selects the next target during the previous GCD and there's no difference in throughput.

The only real advantage in mouseover healing is that you can keep the boss targeted the entire time which makes it much easier to help out with interrupts and DPS as appropriate.

... and yes, I'm also guilty of having stood there and healed my totem on occasion. If you can't admit your failings how can you improve?
My two are sending guild chat messages as "wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwsssssdddddddddaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww" and the time when i fell down the jelly fish elevator shaft in Throne of Tides after forgetting to use the portal to head to the next area...
Accidentally blowing Heroism before pulling Heroic Yorsahj in DS. ._. I got laughed at so hard in vent for that one after the questions of "who done it?!" died down.
Being a tad impatient getting off a boat, and finding that despite being on a mount, you've managed to fit in that one inch gap between the boat and the dock, and have fallen in the water.

It's a quiet, deeply introspective swim back to land.
11/11/2012 06:48 AMPosted by Siedeon
After playing Horde characters for several years, I decide to level a long-neglected Alliance character in Icecrown, and out of pure habit I fly onto the Horde gunship.

I have a warlock and priest on each side of the fence that I switch between. I do this kind of thing CONSTANTLY.
11/10/2012 06:02 PMPosted by Crithto
...when you're caught scootin'.

Can a Paladin cure worms? Or is that more of an Unholy DK thing?
Oh wait...Archimond's Finger of Death spell!

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