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11/10/2012 07:58 PMPosted by Gulder
when zor'lok MCs you and you proceed to punch your pet to death

LMAO. As messed up as it is I find this hilarious.

/can relate.
...when you have to tell your friends you play WoW.
After you jump into the roof out of sheer geeky over-enthusiasm when your terrible casual raiding guild manages to down the Flame Leviathan the first time. Still got the scar.

Also I would like to point out that as a raid frame clicker/keybound spell healer I can mouse move and heal at the same time. Especially helpful for tank healing in movement heavy environments with pure instant casts.

And to all you entertaining "wwww111wwss"'ers out there, you can delete the whole chat entry you have inadvertently typed out by hitting escape =)
the moment when you tab target Howling Blast into a large group of adds, be it questing or in a dungeon.
- When you go out to farm Motes of Harmony on your feral druid, pull a few level 90 mobs, die in a heartbeat without doing any damage...

...and realize you forgot to switch out of your resto set.
Wondering why my dps was low and why I kept running out of mana...then at the end, I realized I'm in my RP set.
When you realize that you put your tank gear on but forgot to respec 5 seconds into the pull.
When you run off the edge in the Gate toward the last boss and miss the ledge below, killing yourself on the ground :c


When you're flying high up in the air and a cat steps on your keyboard and dismounts you.

Fun times. go to throw some junk out of your bag and try to trade someone passing by some Partially Digested Meat.

I have done this SO many times.

Now I make doubly sure there's no one hovering on the periphery of my screen before I throw away trash.
When you're going over this thread going guily, guilty, guilt, guilty, nope, that's a new one, guilty, guilty...
When you realize that you're trying to colossus smash yourself.
Healed myself instead of the tank due to targeting issue and let him die...D:

So many times.
When you die and forget to put water shield back up during a fight... and then wonder why in the world you're going OOM so fast.
I have a crap ton of mouseovers on my Disc. But even with that, one thing still gets me....

I have the 1st page action bar for fighting, and 2nd for misc in town stuff like disenchanting. And half the time I get in the dungeon, I'm still on the 2nd one.

But even with a Razor Naga, I still have to click some. Since only keys 1-6 are easy to reach on the mouse, I bind the rest to Q,W,A,S,D,Z. And when I hit "Z", I've been known to accidentally hit the Windows key and end up on my desktop...
that awkward moment when you realize you've been healing the person with full health instead of the one dying
This one isn't even public and it's so STUPID but I have done it once in the the last three expansions: That embarrassing moment when you are feeling UBER after getting good gear at max level and you go back to a lower level 25 man raid thinking you might be able to solo it. And you die on trash before the first boss.

LOL. I always do this late at night, I never research how to solo the raid, I just go sailing in by myself feeling SURE that this time I will be just...that...overpowering. NOT.
11/10/2012 07:33 AMPosted by Nybling
I think I'd be more embarrassed to admit I click on people to heal them.

Nothing wrong with it. I do it and I do a good job doing it.
Can't say how many time I've enter que and forgoten I had a fishing pole armed.

/stealth cheap shot

/swats with fishing pole

/gains 1 fishing skill.

/rez's to the laugher of the spirit healer.

been there done that lol
It doesn't take addons to mouseover heal.

Blizzard raid/party frames and replace your main targeted heals/helpful abilities with /cast [target=mouseover] Heal.

First of all, it is much faster than clicking on people, then healing.

Second of all, you do not de-target the boss. Seeing as how nearly every single healer in the game has something worthwhile to cast at a boss...and in fact many healers REQUIRE casting/attacking the boss to heal properly (Monk, reporting), you will literally never heal as effectively if you're a clicker. Even if all you're clicking is people's frames, because it pulls you off the boss.

I'm always amazed at people getting quite irate when it's suggested they keybind and play with mouseovers to be better at the game. It's almost like obesity...we all know it's far healthier to be slim, eat properly and exercise; yet people you care about will still get offended when you suggest they make a change.

You can definitely clear the LFD Heroics while clicking everything, but you can also clear them with a group all doing 15K DPS. I wouldn't exactly call them a benchmark test for how well you're playing, let alone a binary test where beating the dungeon whatsoever means you're doing fine. They aren't designed to really be possible to fail at.

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