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It doesn't take addons to mouseover heal.

Blizzard raid/party frames and replace your main targeted heals/helpful abilities with /cast [target=mouseover] Heal.

First of all, it is much faster than clicking on people, then healing.

Second of all, you do not de-target the boss. Seeing as how nearly every single healer in the game has something worthwhile to cast at a boss...and in fact many healers REQUIRE casting/attacking the boss to heal properly (Monk, reporting), you will literally never heal as effectively if you're a clicker. Even if all you're clicking is people's frames, because it pulls you off the boss.

I'm always amazed at people getting quite irate when it's suggested they keybind and play with mouseovers to be better at the game. It's almost like obesity...we all know it's far healthier to be slim, eat properly and exercise; yet people you care about will still get offended when you suggest they make a change.

You can definitely clear the LFD Heroics while clicking everything, but you can also clear them with a group all doing 15K DPS. I wouldn't exactly call them a benchmark test for how well you're playing, let alone a binary test where beating the dungeon whatsoever means you're doing fine. They aren't designed to really be possible to fail at.


If you can click heal, more power to ya. But you could be even better with mouseovers. Most of them can be looked up, "Ctrl + C'ed" and then "Ctrl + V'ed" into your macro box. Done.
When you realize that you forgot to change out of your RP gear before the raid.
When you Chain Heal the hunter.
When you forget Water Shield until the final boss.
When you run with Flametongue.
When you run a dungeon in RP gear.
It can't happen anymore...
When you accidentally put a rank 1 spell on your bars and wonder why your DPS is so low.
When you realize. you rolled too far.
11/11/2012 04:06 PMPosted by Arreity
When you realize. you rolled too far.

On the Monk I am levelling I have fallen to my death many a time rolling off cliffs
*I know I posted in this already but I got a new one*

You log in to check if your veggies grew. Only to remember you didn't plant any the night before.
When you port somewhere and, after taking the port, forget why you went there in the first place.
When you fly to Nagrand and ride off the flight tower at Telaar and realize you are on your ground mount rather than your flyer
11/10/2012 07:30 AMPosted by Zargol
When you realizie you have been healing your totem because you accidentally clicked on it instead of the tank...

"wtf where's my heals?!"
"uh uh u LoS me! And pulled too much! Stupid tank!"
*group vote kicks tank*
*sigh of relief* "suckers..."
...when you go to set yourself up behind a raid boss as a rogue and realize you forgot to go into stealth...
When you accidentaly drop coffe in your Keyboard. and when you starting to clean it, hit the button of autorun. pull the bosses and kill the raid =D eat ice cream for lunch because you totally forgot you had chicken in the freezer too.

True story.
So this one has happened to me several times since Mists came out on my warrior tank...

...when you pull a boss in a raid, only to have a healer get aggro four seconds into the fight. So you taunt, and then it goes to a melee DPS after the taunt wears off. And you cant figure out why. Raid wipes. So we rez, set up, and I pull again, same thing happens. I start going insane about why the hell I cant hold threat. Is my weapon broken?
Two more pulls. Similar results.
My entire raid stops, spends a minute looking at my character, asking me things...

Me: "Im sorry guys, I have no idea what is going on, I have all my spells right where-- Oh. Ooooh. Im an idiot."
Co-Tank: "...Roe, are you in--"
Me: "Yes. I was in battle stance... damnit."

That was embarassing. Even more so since its happened again on occasion. But now thats the first thign I check! Damn action bars not being stance specific! :P
Forget you're the tank in the you wait...everyone waits.

Then you realize.
I knew people were anal about DPS-clickers, but I never knew there was such an issue with healing or tank clickers.

And mouse-over macro?... not much different than a click-the-party frame application.
When you're learning a new spec, go to duel someone, and you forget where your bubble/everything else is...

Quite the laughingstock in Durotar.
11/10/2012 07:40 AMPosted by Meiqun
That embarrassing moment when you're fighting someone and you've been practically face-rolling your keyboard for the past 3-5 seconds because NONE of your abilities are working and then you realize you were typing in the chat box...

Lol that happened to me when i was playing on my hunter, my friend got a message saying something like QE1233QEF1231111123QE4 then whispered me back "hunters are hard Lol, using 7 buttons"

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