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talking trash in raid that i would NEVER die to an ability and not even half a breath later i die to it...jaw dropping indeed
Forget you're the tank in the you wait...everyone waits.
Then you realize.

Or forgetting you queued as healer, and wondering why that monk isn't healing. And then the tank dies, and you realize.
Get mind-controlled by the boss and then after the mc wears off wonder and struggle to put out dps numbers greater than two digits... why are my runes regenerating so slowly and what happened to my runic power? And why do I have threat on all these adds when healers are doing more dps than I am...

Doh! Damn boss put me in blood presence when I'm a dual wield frost dk... and it only took me 5 minutes to figure it out. lol
I had that problem back when I clicked on frames, then I realized how awful it was to be healing like that specifically because of issues like this.

Right now the worst I mess up is with some of my macros that have an if/then setup so on fights like Amber Shaper where the tank becomes MC'd I end up refreshing Earth Shield on myself even though my mouseover was the tank.

I need to remember to change that when I get home though, there's actually no reason my Earth Shield macro should have that; I think I just copy pasted it from my other heals.
Someone asked me to explain a fight I had only done once and I could barely remember the details.. so this is what I said

"Ok so here it goes.. basically I'm gonna pull the boss and turn her so she is facing left, she's gonna throw some stuff on the ground.. stay out of it..she's gonna start hitting hard around at some point...heavy heals during that... some ice tomb crap is gonna happen at some point in that if it's on you stand over there and everyone else get out of los of the attacks."

^- something to that effect

Then there was the embarrassing moment I charged orbs on LK. :(
"Well that was fffsseefsss333rrssseeefs33444"
You have died.
I was in a Raid Group getting ready to do CoT Mount Hyjal, I was flying over Tanaris and had a brilliant idea to see if the command /dismount would work. It worked.
Those who are doing the qwwee12233qwqwe and just hitting send hit esc it will erase everything. Plus the chat box is no longer opened. I did this a lot until I was invited to area with friends couple of expacs ago.

My problem now is /tar boss smacks with "you do not have mats for that recipe." Glances down opps wrong bar open. Good thing on my professions bar I also have a few offensive moves just in case I am attacked why gathering. I'll never again die while panicked because a mob several levels higher then I am charge me.

Also it would be nice if for once I could remember that some mounts are not meant to fly. Again gathering in high level areas and that elite mob is getting closer. Charger.. charges off cliff. Good thing bubble is also set on professions bar.
Can someone teach me these mouse over macros?
This isnt really my embarrassing moment....but it sure is for someone:

That moment when your whining to a resto sham about just how TERRIBLY HARD Mogu'shan Palace is on heroic (the dungeon, duh, not raid). And how its close to impossible even with a tank.....only to find out that the said shammy just finished the dungeon, on heroic, running with 4 dps and no tank the entire time.
I was healing my elemental when I thought I was burning down a boss. I fail!
When you try jump platforms during To4W Conclave fight only to find the air pathway not to be working at the moment.
That moment when you realize you just healed a string of arena games with the wrong Seal active...

After the group wipes you realize you still have aspect of the pack on...

...and discreetly change to hawk while ppl are still corpse-running
11/12/2012 07:43 AMPosted by Zodark
Can someone teach me these mouse over macros?

/cast [target=mouseover,help][] Renewing Mist

If you are moused over a friendly unit or unitframe, it casts renewing mist on them, otherwise it casts it on your current target, or it casts it on yourself.
When landing flying serpent kick lands reallllly late because you just realized you are realllllly lagged. Now half the room has been unintentionally aggroed.
Why aren't my heal buttons working? Oh, I'm not in the right stance. Switch over...oh, I'm at zero mana. Great...
When you realise you're in the wrong stance to heal...

....and you realise you can't fix the issue because you're in the wrong spec to have that stance.
I stepped into Well of Eternity with my fishing pole. No wonder I couldn't get off a swing against the Fel-Guard :P

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