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One time I accidentally cast Guardian Spirit on a totem instead of the tank. I didn't even know that was possible.
Seconds before the tank pulls Deathbringer Saurfang and you realize you're still wearing Chef's Hat.
...I thought they flat out deleted totems. :( at least it feels like it anyways.
I'm a repeat offender of the wrong spec and/or gear problem. Whether it's wondering why vermin are taking forever to die before realizing that a bear in resto clothing is usless, or spamming heals before realizing that resto in bear gear is no good, I've done it all.

I've Innervated a mushroom before.
11/10/2012 08:01 AMPosted by Kurt
swats with fishing pole

I just did this the other night, lol. I couldn't figure out why there was no damage. I nice guild member whispered me and informed me.

My other recent embarrassment was picking my butt and falling to my death as the floor collasped in the Elegon fight. Not sure what I was thinking.
Was with a medium-fail group in Jade Temple, healing away, when things turned ugly and everyone started to drop like flies. Finally we're all down and- not unexpectedly- it's all the healer's fault. And of course it was due to the fact that I was healing my Jade Serpent Statue the whole time.

This, despite the fact that you can't target the Statue, and certainly can't heal it- which I explained. "But you were spamming that green s**t on it the whole time!"

Um, NO- the Statue spams that green s**t on someone ELSE when I heal your fail self; sometimes it picks you, sometimes it picks me, I don't control who it picks to heal.

So, the moral of the story is, before you blame healers prior to the facts being known please take a second to at least know what you're talking about and know the mechanics of the item(s) in question you are whining about.

On the other hand, it dos absolutely no good at other times to complain that your UI setup for Mistweaver is messed up because all of your totem buttons have disappeared and you need a minute to figure it out.
This one isn't even public and it's so STUPID but I have done it once in the the last three expansions: That embarrassing moment when you are feeling UBER after getting good gear at max level and you go back to a lower level 25 man raid thinking you might be able to solo it. And you die on trash before the first boss.

LOL. I always do this late at night, I never research how to solo the raid, I just go sailing in by myself feeling SURE that this time I will be just...that...overpowering. NOT.

That's the beauty of being a Paladin. We are invincible.

Until we die >.>
11/11/2012 11:51 PMPosted by Flameshock
...when you go to set yourself up behind a raid boss as a rogue and realize you forgot to go into stealth...

No I've never done that.... Honest... *shifty eyes*
....when you are confounded as to why your DPS is so low, and the mob pounding on you is taking away health more than losing it....and then realise you forgot to unequip your fishing pole that you were just using.
I was in a group yesterday and I'm not sure what was with the healer but I was having to heal him and the tank instead of doing any dps.

After the second wipe the healer left and and I said great now I can dps instead of heal the healer. I was still casting more heals than dps for a cpl mins.

My boomy face was bright red when I realised I was trying to heal the boss instead of blast him.
When you return to WoW and bind a heal to F4, then while kiling Rag in FL for the first time since doing MC you try to "self-cast" that heal and wonder why WoW just crashed... twice.
...when u jump off the boat in northerend before it reaches dock to realize u dont have cold weather flyng a drop in the water >.< done it twice lol
My most embarrassing in game moment was a few weeks after BC was released. It was 4am and I couldn't sleep. So I decided to run around gathering herbs. Then I get a whisper.

Them: Kara?
(That's my name irl)
Me: Yeah?
Them: You want to do it?
Me: Excuse me??
Them: do YOU want to DO IT?
Me: Do what?
Them: Kara!
Me: ....ohhhh. Karazhan. Oops.
*quietly logs out*
Seconds before the tank pulls Deathbringer Saurfang and you realize you're still wearing Chef's Hat.

<raises hand> Guilty. Not that far in mind you but I got past Lady Deathwhisper until I realized why my damage was unchanged after the 5% increase had hit. XD
I've completed whole instances with my fishing pole equipped....

11/10/2012 12:06 PMPosted by Rygarius
...when you heal the Hunter or Warlock's pet instead.

Is this what you do instead of writing new letters to send out on your anniversary? Maybe they should toss ya and get a second programmer.
Back in the day, my druid healed the first couple bosses of BoT with a Brewfest stein equipped. No one noticed.

And not a day goes by on this toon that I don't accidentally bubble one of my crops when fighting virmin/birds at my farm.
This is why I love Clique

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