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12/21/2012 12:42 PMPosted by Zargol
*Ressurects thread*

lol - not much of a necro :P

I've had that moment where I realized that I've been healing myself and just blew all my cd's as the tank dies. This normally happens after a patch breaks my healing addon and I'm getting back into healing by hand for a few days. I've been spoiled by being able to focus on one thing while healing something else at the same time.

I've tanked with flowers in my hand by accident and no one noticed.

I've tanked in healer gear. People did notice that one just due to me taking massive damage.

I've DPS'ed in my healer gear and couldn't figure out for several pulls why my DPS was so miserable (they both had pretty much the same model).
Did this the other day in MSV normal: waiting at Will of the Emperor console for our 10th player to show up for our first attempt. I'm jumping around like a fool because I get antsy just standing around, I want to be doing something, and I happen to see the gear shaped interaction icon pop up.

Yeah. I clicked it. No buffs, no food, no flasks. We tried to salvage the attempt. It did not work :P

Straight space cadet moment, just derped hard.


Fortunately we did finish the encounter for the first time shortly afterward :)
When you tank the boss without a shield... as a prot warrior...

In my defense, we didn't wipe. That poor healer...
When you kill a rare beast, thinking you'll get some nice loot, an achievement, or lots of XP, but you instead get a Crystalline Tear of Loyalty.
I put name plates on teamates in bg's, and click on the names while healing, I don't use healbot add on, I don't use macro's, I just rely on old fashion situational awarness.
When you release all your duplicate pets at the start of the expansion and then find out later you could have sold them.
...when you engage a raidboss only to find you're resto rather than the elemental shaman you claimed to be. There was never a need to 4 heal Marrowgar -_-.

OR! ....when you run up to /wave to Kalecgos in the Theramore scenario, pull him and Jaina, and wipe your group....they weren't always attacky NPCs :( They were red! Just not aggressive.
Im Guilty of accidentally healing myself over and over on my druid instead of the tank, getting desperate and proccing my oh shiiiiiieeet abilitys and RAMPANTLY healing...only to realize that I was healing myself instead right before the tank eats a mace to the head and dies...

Most embarassing that...

lol I have done this ..and I use mouseovers with the tank as focus /facepalm
When you tank the boss without a shield... as a prot warrior...

In my defense, we didn't wipe. That poor healer...

I would've enjoyed watching this :)
...when you are attacking a monster and all of a sudden your abilities dont work...and you realise oh's dead...

..when you are in practice with the dummy, use tab to shift targets and realise you just tried to use arcane blast on a horse...

....the day I went into a dungeon and yep, you guessed it, got a whisper from the tank "Look I realise the thing smells bad, but that pole aint going to kill the boss"
You're trying to figure out why the tank just can't stay healed...then realize you somehow cast Earth Shield on yourself.
When you realize you pulled the boss in RP gear because your Outfitter add-on bugged out.
11/10/2012 07:35 AMPosted by Zargol
I think I'd be more embarrassed to admit I click on people to heal them.

I am not ashamed to click people. I am a good healer in dungeons and I don't raid. I am a clicker.

Click portraits...not characters and this will never happen again.
11/10/2012 08:05 AMPosted by Amberlynh
Why do people think it's bad to kill my pet? Go ahead and attack the pet in BG's. Kill it if you can. Especially if the Hunter is BM. My big dps moves can only be accomplished if my pet is alive and active. Kill my pet and I cannot use Bestial Wrath, Kill Command, or Lynx Rush, I will also only have 4 pets if I use Stampede after my pet is dead. Kill my pet and you just killed my burst. That's a GOOD thing.

*after skipping about 16 pages of the thread*

My PvP woofsie doesn't know the meaning of "Death"...
11/10/2012 07:55 AMPosted by Hyjinx
Mouse-over macros. Problem solved for all time.

bingo-healbot is your friend.

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