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I didnt know you could even click on a totem and heal it... Thats what frames are for...
Blowing cooldowns right when the boss is pulled and there is a long scripted event before you can actually attack >_>
...when you're halfway into a fight and realize that you aren't in moonkin form.
11/10/2012 07:45 AMPosted by Girlsgonewow
That embarrassing moment when you're fighting someone and you've been practically face-rolling your keyboard for the past 3-5 seconds because NONE of your abilities are working and then you realize you were typing in the chat box...

I used to get a lot of random messages saying qq3434345364.

So many times... So many times...
Healing a group where the DPS geared "tank" doesn't know what he's doing.

So you pull everything, pop power word shield, and go into a mad button pressing panic.

And then try to tell the tank nicely that he should probably go gear first.

And then said tank does this:


Half an hour into a raid and you realise you have your fishing pole equipped.
Back in EQ I was constantly healing my enemy with "Lay on Hands" because I kept forgetting to retarget.
when you queue as heals/dps on your lowbie priestess, spend the whole dungeon until the pull before the last boss smite healing and occasionally shielding and thinking you must be a seriously op healer...only to realize that it's one of those crazy rare times you actually got put in a group as dps, and the mistweaver monk is probably wondering why you're dpsing as disc instead of shadow. >.>

Thankfully my dps as smite-healing disc wasn't too atrocious, it was a lowbie dungeon so it was easy anyway, and everybody had a laugh when I told them my mistake and switched to shadow. :)
11/10/2012 04:52 PMPosted by Djdave
Disengaging Off Lumber mill :(

I have done this so many times. The Horde must love me.

I once tanked a raid in half feral, half resto gear. Surprisingly, I didn't do so poorly.
I often do the same target healing thing that everyone else does. but what's worse is spamming slow fall on an NPC i was just talking to
Using AoD and you accidently move while casting it and only summon 1 or 2 minions.

That moment when you juat switched specs and forgot to turn on one of your presence, both dps and tanking seperate occasions.
11/10/2012 07:33 AMPosted by Nybling
I think I'd be more embarrassed to admit I click on people to heal them.

I'd be embarrassed to admit that I couldnt play the game effectively with it's default ui setup. That said, I've given some thought to setting up healing spells with no target macros but I just can't seem to convince myself to sit down and do it instead of all the dailies that I want to get done.
...when you're caught scootin'.
I stopped to count em... ;)
Ive done that on my druid. back in Wrath I almost got us killed on Blood Queen as I feverishly tried to heal the 2 people linked.

Then I realized I was healing some dudes totem.
Guilty of healing totems/wrong target. Sometimes I just kind of zone out and next thing I know the tank is dead and I realize I've been healing myself. Or vice versa when I really need a heal and I keep spamming heals on the full hp tank.
Why my pet isn't hitting the target. *sees passive*
Why my pet can't get aggro off me. *sees growl off*
Why my pet is tanking. *sees growl on* c:
11/10/2012 05:28 PMPosted by Baneusprime
Half an hour into a raid and you realise you have your fishing pole equipped.

And still topping the charts =)

I can remember when I took Water Bucket this into a bg.. someone even said, nice bucket. It didn't occur to me until I saw that my spells didn't work.
When you Divine Protection the Main Tank
Pretty much any time I intend to heal one person and bomb heals into them without realizing I haven't selected them yet is awkward.

I usually hope no one notices.

Luckily I don't think anyone has died from it yet, but it sure is a waste of mana lol

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