479 Fire mage LF raiding guild

Hi there. I'm looking to transfer to this server (Alliance side) and find a semi-hardcore raiding guild. I have heavy raiding experience since BC and currently 3/6 experience in MV. My raid times are open.

Any consideration would be appreciated. Thanks. ^_^
Fruari Mortificatio is an Alliance, Level 25 guild and we're looking to add skilled members to both of our raid groups. We're an adult oriented guild with a majority of our members 25+. We do alt runs and old raids on off nights.

We have tanks and heals who regularly parsed during progression, looking for DPS who are capable of the same.

Group 1 - 10 Man

Raid Times: Tues/Thurs/Mon 6:30 - 9:00 pst. Will occasionally extend up to 30 min if we are close to a kill.
Loot: Open loot council, if there's a debate we /roll. Trials are eligible for loot from day 1.
Progression: Tier 13 8/8H, Tier 14 6/6N (MV) - 1/6M (HoF)

Recruiting:  Ranged DPS and potentially a Healer.

If interested, you can apply at fm.guildzilla.com or contact Doozys or KittyB in game. Realids are xythe14@yahoo.com or bhwow1 @ gmail.com

(During server maintenance please contact me via Email - Fuzed@ResonanceBR.net)

>Snip the long posts<

No BS Here,
My guild "XiT Strategy" is reforming their 10M core
and is looking to quickly fill the remaining spots with
dedicated, skilled raiders with progression raiding experience.

Once reformed we hope to clear all current raids in normal mode
in a timely manner, quickly moving into heroics shortly there after.

Raid Times:
T/Th/M 6-10PM Server (West Coast Server).

If interested,
You can read my full thread here --> TinyURL.com/XiTGuild
You can contact me via Battletag --> Fuzed#1672
You can go straight to our site and apply --> XiTGuild.enjin.com

Please note, We do NOT offer paid transfers at this current time.
We're looking for those who can afford the expenses to join us on
US-Lightbringer and kick some serious end-game content @#$!

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