Soldiers of Pandaria : 5.1.0 Arms PvE Guide

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This guide is out of date. For an updated 5.2 Arms PvE guide check here courtesy of Curoar :

**Shout out to Edge, Luucem and Secondwind who iterated previous versions of Arms Warrior guides throughout Cataclysm. No clue if they ever check around here now a days but we should remember their contributions.**

A HUGE thank you to Cayse and Deliverance (better known as Horrorface) who respectively found the cached version of this guide on Google and informed me of it. They saved me a lot of work and time.


Hello, and welcome to this PvE guide for Arms Warriors. My name is Drunkbeard and I’ll be helping both new or returning players get a handle on the basics of playing Arms. Please note that this guide is up to date as of patch 5.0.5 and all testing was done with a level 90 warrior and SimCraft. In future patches some of or all of this guide may become irrelevant or incorrect. I will make every endeavor to keep this guide up to date with the release of future patches. Now let’s move on to the interesting stuff!


Keep those comments and suggestions coming! If they are valid points or ideas then I will update the guide to reflect them. This guide would not be in its current state and I wouldn’t be nearly as motivated to keep improving it if it weren’t for you guys. Thank you!


1) Stat Priorities and Reforging :

2) Gems, Enchants, and Consumables :

3) Professions and Races :

4) Talents and Glyphs :

5) Rotation and Cooldowns :

6) Sample Gear Lists :

7) Advanced Techniques and FAQs :

8) Macros and Add Ons :


The guide has been reposted :D Sorry for the ban guys. Changed the formatting for some of the sections, added a trinket list in the Sample Gear Lists section, added more advice and commonly asked questions to the FAQs section.


Added the Macros and Add Ons section to the guide, added Skull Banner to the cooldowns section, added a Tl;dr Talents section to the guide, revised most of the guide to fix grammatical errors and to make it easier to read in certain areas.


Added a section on Races to the guide, added the normal mode sample gear list, added quick links to the table of contents.


Added the pre-raid sample gear list, updated the Stat Priorities section to include Str vs Crit, updated the Gems section to include the perfect gems and gemming for either Str or Crit, added Stances under the Rotation and Cooldowns section, updated math and numbers throughout to now be accurate for level 90 and the hotfixes.


The stat priority for Arms Warriors is the following :

Hit (7.5%) > Exp (7.5%) > Strength > Crit > Mastery = Haste

Hit : Capping this stat will prevent your attacks from missing. This is very important for smooth Rage generation and consistent damage. At level 90 you will need 2550 Hit rating to reach the 7.5% cap or only 2210 if you are a Draenei (6.5%).

Expertise : You will only need to soft cap this stat as it is a waste of stats to try and hard cap it. What this means is that you only need to get enough Expertise to prevent your attacks from being dodged. In most cases you can simply stand behind your target to prevent them from being parried. The cap and rating conversions are the same as Hit.

Strength : This is your main stat. It should generally be on all of your gear by default and there's really no way to obtain more Strength than that other than by gems and enchantments.

Critical Strike : This is the secondary stat that you will want to focus on after reaching the Hit and Expertise caps. Your Mortal Strike and Colossus Smash crits will Enrage you increasing your damage and generating some Rage, not to mention that any of your crits will deal twice as much damage as normal.

Mastery : Arms Warrior's mastery will grant you a chance to proc an additional melee attack for 55% of your weapon damage. This will add up over the course of a fight, but because it's not a huge amount of damage it puts this stat way behind Crit.

Haste : This stat is doing a bit better for Arms Warriors then it previously was. Like Mastery it's not a bad stat, but it's not a good stat either. You need quite a large amount to really notice the extra Rage generation it can provide.


On a 1:1 ratio Crit will always be behind Str, but because Crit scales exponentially for us as our gear and damage increases eventually 2 Crit will become more valuable than 1 Str. The threshold where it is indefinitely better is around 485 iLvl, but depending on other factors this will differ from player to player. Now because of the changes to secondary stat gems in MoP it will eventually be worth gemming for Crit over Str and you will see this reflected in the gemming section of the guide.


My personal recommendation for reforging is to get the add on ReforgeLite. It does a good job in optimizing your reforging to waste as few stats as possible and is very easy to use. You can set your caps and stat weights and it will even do the reforging for you and tell you how much gold it will cost. However if you want to reforge manually that is fine as well. Start off by making sure you've reached the Hit and Exp caps, but try to not reforge Crit to them if possible. Afterwards simply reforge any leftover Haste or Mastery on any your gear that isn't already reforged to Crit.


In MoP secondary stat gems (Crit, Haste, etc…) have twice as many stats on them as primary stat gems (Str, Agility, etc…), unlike in Cataclysm where they were simply a 1:1 ratio. This means that in some cases, depending on your gear, it will be more favorable to gem for Crit. As a general rule of thumb use the following gems if you are gemming for Str.

Meta : Reverberating Primal Diamond
Red : Bold Primordial Ruby or Perfect Bold Pandarian Garnet
Yellow : Inscribed Vermilion Onyx or Perfect Inscribed Tiger Opal
Blue : Etched Imperial Amethyst or Perfect Etched Roguestone

And these gems if you are gemming for Crit.

Meta : Reverberating Primal Diamond
Red : Inscribed Vermilion Onyx or Perfect Inscribed Tiger Opal
Yellow : Smooth Sun's Radiance or Perfect Smooth Sunstone
Blue : Piercing Wild Jade or Perfect Piercing Alexandrite


These are the enchantments you will be using.

Shoulders : Greater Tiger Fang Inscription
Back : Enchant Cloak - Superior Critical Strike
Chest : Enchant Chest - Glorious Stats
Wrists : Enchant Bracer - Exceptional Strength
Gloves : Enchant Gloves - Super Strength
Belt : Living Steel Belt Buckle
Legs : Angerhide Leg Armor
Boots : Enchant Boots - Pandaren's Step
Weapon : Enchant Weapon - Dancing Steel

If you need a cheaper alternative weapon enchantment then get Enchant Weapon - Windsong.


Next let’s look at what supplies you should be bringing to raids. They are fairly obvious and straightforward. Since there are no level 90 cauldrons make sure you have Flask of Winter's Bite with you. If your lazy and miss the feast then fill up on Black Pepper Ribs and Shrimp. Lastly, make sure you have a healthy amount of Potion of Mogu Power on you.

It is advised to both pre-pot and then pot once again near the end of the fight or in sync with your other big cooldowns. What pre-potting means is that you use one potion before your tank pulls a boss so that the cooldown activates which allows you to use a second potion later on. This is because your potions will not reset their cooldowns during combat. You will get the most out of your second potion if you use it during Execute phase along with Recklessness.


Now as far as professions go most crafting professions are designed to be relatively equal in stat bonuses. If you already have two crafting professions it’s not really worth the trouble to drop one and level up a new one. However, for those of you who do not, I will briefly review all of the professions below.

Alchemy : They have access to Mixology which allows them to get more stats out of their Flask of Winter’s Bite.

Blacksmithing : This profession allows you had an extra colorless socket to both your gloves and your bracers. You can then fill both of those sockets with any gem you choose.

Enchanting : Unlike normal people you are allowed to enchant both of your rings for an extra 160 Strength. This amounts to a total bonus of 320 Strength. Be warned it is generally very difficult to level this profession.

Engineering : They can place Synapse Springs on their gloves. This on use ability will increase your Strength by 1920 for 10 seconds and is on a 1 minute cooldown. The extra burst can be nice if timed well with your other cooldowns. By simply maxing its uptime you gain an average of 320 Strength.

Herbalism : You will gain the ability Lifebloom which will grant you 2880 Haste rating for 20 seconds on a 2 minute cooldown. This will average out to 480 Haste rating. Even though you can use this for some burst in conjunction with your other cooldowns, it’s still not as good as most other professions as Haste is not an overly appealing stat for Warriors.

Inscription : Wielder’s of this profession will have access to the Secret Tiger Fang Inscription which enchants their shoulders to increase their Strength by 520 and their Crit by 100. In comparison to the regular shoulder enchant that’s an extra 320 Strength.

Jewelcrafting : You will get to use two Serpent's Eye gems in any of your gear. These gems have increased stat bonuses compared to normal gems. However unlike normal gems Bold Serpent's Eye is always worth using over Smooth Serpent's Eye because the 320 Strength is better than 480 Crit at any gear level. If you are using this profession in conjunction with Blacksmithing then simply place both of your 320 Strength gems in the extra sockets provided.

Leatherworking : You guys will get to enchant your bracers with a whopping 500 Strength. Compared to the regular enchant this is a bonus of 330 Strength, which is slightly better than some of the other professions.

Mining : At max level it provides a passive 480 Stamina bonus. Needless to say this is a completely useless bonus for improving your dps.

Skinning : At max level it provides a passive 480 Crit bonus. Although gathering professions are usually thought to be less optimal than crafting professions this bonus is pretty nice considering how easy Skinning is to level.

Tailoring : This is actually one of the cooler bonuses. It allows you to enchant your cloak to increase your Attack Power by 4000 for 15 seconds. It is on an approximate 1 minute ICD which means it should average you a 1000 Attack Power bonus which isn’t too shabby for a fancy looking cape.

You can take any two crafting professions you want. Blacksmithing and Jewelcrafting work really well with each other. If you’re low on gold then Skinning and Leatherworking are a really easy and cheap to level combo. You should stay clear of Mining and Herbalism.


These are the five best races in order of best to worst as far as dps bonuses go. I've included some discussion at the end of this section as well as an ability list for every race.

Worgen = Orc > Pandaren = Undead > Draenei.

Bouncy : Reduces damage taken from falling by 50%.
Quaking Palm : Incapacitates an enemy for 4 seconds and turns off your auto attack. 2 minute cooldown.
Epicurean : You receive double the stat benefits from Well Fed buffs.
Gourmand : Your Cooking skill is increased by 15.
Inner Peace : The rested experience bonus lasts twice as long.

Every Man for Himself : Removes all movement impairing effects and all effects which cause loss of control of your character. This ability shares a cooldown with similar effects. 2 minute cooldown.
Diplomacy : Your reputation gained is increased by 10%.
The Human Spirit : Your Spirit is increased by 3%.
Sword and Mace Specialization : Your Expertise is increased by 1% while wielding one-handed swords, one-handed maces, two-handed swords and two-handed maces.

Stoneform : Removes all posion, disease and bleed effects and reduces all damage taken by 10% for 8 seconds. 2 minute cooldown.
Frost Resistance : Reduces frost damage taken by 1%.
Explorer : You find additional fragments from Archaeology and you can Survey faster.
Mace Specialization : Your Expertise is increased by 1% while wielding one-handed maces and two-handed maces.
Crack Shot : Your Expertise is increased by 1% while wielding ranged weapons.

Night Elf
Shadowmeld : Conceal yourself in shadows reducing the chance of enemies detecting you. Lasts until cancelled or upon moving. All threat on any of your targets still in combat upon cancellation is restored. 2 minute cooldown.
Wisp Spirit : Transform into a Wisp upon death increasing movement speed by 75%.
Nature Resistance : Reduces nature damage taken by 1%.
Quickness : You have an additional 2% chance to dodge melee and ranged attacks.
Elusiveness : Reduces the chance of enemies detecting you while in Shadowmeld.

Escape Artist : Instantly escape from immobilization effects or movement impairing effects. 1.5 minute cooldown.
Arcane Resistance : Reduces arcane damage taken by 1%.
Expansive Mind : Your mana pool is increased by 5%.
Engineering Specialization : Your Engineering skill is increased by 15.
Shortblade Specialization : Your Expertise is increased by 1% while wielding daggers and one-handed swords.

Gift of the Naaru : Heals the target for 20% of the casters health over 15 seconds. 40 yard range. 3 minute cooldown.
Shadow Resistance : Reduces shadow damage taken by 1%.
Heroic Presence : Your chance to hit with melee and ranged attacks or with spells is increased by 1%.
Gemcutting : Your Jewelcrafting skill is increased by 10.

Darkflight : Take on your true form increasing movement speed by 40% for 10 seconds. 3 minute cooldown.
Viciousness : Your critical strike chance is increased by 1%.
Aberration : Reduces nature damage taken and shadow damage taken by 1%.
Flayer : Your Skinning skill is increased by 15 and you can skin faster.

Blood Fury : Increases your Attack Power by 4514 for 15 seconds. 2 minute cooldown.
Hardiness : Reduces the duration of stun effects on you by 15%.
Command : Your pet's damage is increased by 2%.
Axe Specialization : Your Expertise is increased by 1% while wielding fist weapons, one-handed axes and two-handed axes.

Will of the Forsaken : Removes all charm, fear and sleep effects on you. This ability shares a 30 second cooldown with similar effects. 2 minute cooldown.
Shadow Resistance : Reduces shadow damage taken by 1%.
Cannibalize : You regenerate 7% of your total health and mana every 2 seconds for 10 seconds. Requires a humanoid or undead corpse. 2 minute cooldown.
Touch of the Grave : Your melee and ranged attacks or spells have a chance to deal some additional damage and heal you for the same amount.

War Stomp : Stuns up to 5 enemies within 8 yards for 2 seconds. 0.5 second cast time. 2 minute cooldown.
Nature Resistance : Reduces nature damage taken by 1%.
Endurance : Your base health is increased by 5%.
Cultivation : Your Herbalism skill is increased by 15 and you can gather herbs faster.

Berserking : Increases your melee, ranged and spell Haste by 20% for 10 seconds. 3 minute cooldown.
Da Voodoo Shuffle : Reduces the duration of movement impairing effects on you by 15%.
Regeneration : Your health regeneration is increased by 10%. In addition 10% of your normal health regeneration is allowed to continue during combat.
Beast Slaying : Your damage against beasts is increased by 5%.
Dead Eye : Your Expertise is increased by 1% while wielding ranged weapons.

Blood Elf
Arcane Torrent : Silences all enemies within 8 yards for 2 seconds and interrupts all non-player spellcasting within 8 yards for 3 seconds. In addition you generate 15 Rage. 2 minute cooldown.
Arcane Affinity : Your Enchanting skill is increased by 10.
Arcane Resistance : Reduces arcane damage taken by 1%.

Rocket Barrage : You launch your belt rockets at an enemy dealing some fire damage. This ability shares a cooldown with your other belt rocket abilities. 30 yard range. 2 minute cooldown.
Rocket Jump : Activate your belt rockets to jump forward. This ability shares a cooldown with your other belt rocket abilities. 2 minute cooldown.
Best Deals Anywhere : You always receive the best possible gold discount regardless of your faction standings.
Better Living Through Chemistry : Your Alchemy skill is increased by 15.
Time is Money : Your Haste is increased by 1%.

Now first let me say that which race you choose will have the least impact on your dps. In fact switching your second profession from Mining to Blacksmithing or Engineering is a bigger dps increase. Also keep in mind that I will be looking only at the direct dps benefits of each race and you may want to consider their other racials as well to improve your overall game experience.

Humans, Night Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, Tauren and Blood Elves all contribute the least to Arms Warriors. While some of their racials are situationally nice or convenient, they all have almost no effect on your dps. While both are not as bad as the aforementioned races, Goblins and Trolls will both still contribute very minimally to your dps. This is because both of their major dps racials are based on Haste, which is not a stat Warriors are overly thrilled about right now.

Worgen give you the equivalent of 600 Crit rating. Pandaren give you an extra 250-300 Str depending on your food. Orcs give you the equivalent of 564 passive AP, but you can also use it with your other cooldowns for an increased effect. Draenei give you the equivalent of 340 Hit rating. Undead are interesting. What I mean by that is that even though Touch of the Grave only hits for around 14k, on most of the logs I've looked at it seems to account for an average of 1.5%-2% of their total damage on purely single target fights. This means, for example, if you were doing 50k dps on 10N Feng that the Undead racial would account for approximately 750 dps, which isn't very far behind the others.

As you can see, like I mentioned earlier these are all very close to eachother in terms of dps. The danger with Pandaren is that if you die and get Battle Rezzed you will lose the bonus they provide. The danger with Undead is the RNG boss. Draenei are also slightly behind the other 4 as the extra 1% hit is simply less stats and you can reforge to it instead. So in conclusion either Orc or Worgen will be the best choice depending on your faction.


First let's look at the new talent tree and examine each tier.

Tier 1

Juggernaut - You can charge every 12 sec instead of every 20 sec.
Double Time - You can charge twice in a row. Each use has a 20 sec recharge time. Charge can only grant Rage once every 12 sec.
Warbringer - Your charge also knocks a target to the ground and stuns it for 3 sec.

This is the mobility tier. Juggernaut is good for consistent movement because of the reduced cooldown and Double Time is good for switching quickly between targets. Warbringer isn’t really worth it in most cases because you’re sacrificing your mobility for a stun and there are better stuns that also deal damage available in later tiers.

Tier 2

Enraged Regeneration - Instantly heals you for 10% of your total health, and an additional 10% over 5 sec. Can be used while stunned. Costs no Rage if used while enraged.
Second Wind - Whenever you are below 35% health, you regenerate 3% health per second. Whenever you are struck by a stun or immobilize effect, you generate 20 Rage over 10 sec.
Impending Victory - Instantly attack the target causing (AP*56/100) damage and healing you for 10% of your maximum health. Replaces Victory Rush.

This is the healing tier. Enraged Regeneration heals you for the most in one chunk, so if you’re looking for a big panic heal you can press then take it. The downside is you'll have to save Berserker Rage for it which will be a dps loss. Impending Victory on the other hand also deals damage and is on a low enough cooldown that it will give you the same amount of healing every minute as Enraged Regeneration. Second Wind seems to be a very situational talent. It would be awesome for a fight like Anub’arak in ToC where you need to keep your HP low but not dead. While the passiveness of Second Wind is appealing instead of having another button to worry about, it just won't provide the on demand healing the others do which is usually more useful in raids.

Tier 3

Staggering Shout - Causes all enemies within 20 yards that are snared to become rooted for 5 sec.
Piercing Howl - Snares all enemies within 15 yards, reducing their movement speed by 50% for 15 sec.
Disrupting Shout - Interrupts all spellcasting within 10 yards and prevents any spell in that school from being cast for 4 sec.

This is the shouting tier. All of the talents in this tier are very situational. Disrupting Shout is basically an AoE version of pummel which is pretty awesome. It gives you an emergency interrupt that you don’t need to be in melee range to use. Piercing Howl is the same old talent we’ve had for a while but it can still be useful for slowing large groups of adds or even kiting if needed. Staggering Shout is pretty underwhelming and the least appealing talent of this tier. The only thing you could really do with it is combo it after another Warrior uses Piercing Howl to root a whole group of enemies… and that’s if there is no AoE going out that would break the roots.

Tier 4

Bladestorm - You become a whirling storm of destructive force, striking all targets within 8 yards for 120% weapon damage every 1 sec for 6 sec. During a Bladestorm you can continue to dodge, block and parry and are immune to movement impairing effects and loss of control effects. However you can be disarmed and can only perform your shout abilities.
Shockwave - Send a wave of force in a frontal cone before you, causing (75/100*AP) damage and stunning all enemy targets within 10 yards for 4 sec.
Dragon Roar - Roar ferociously causing damage to all enemies within 8 yards, knocking them back and knocking them down for 0.50 sec. Dragon Roar is always a critical strike and ignores all armor on the target.

This is the AoE tier. Bladestorm and Shockwave will both do more damage than Dragon Roar over time, but Dragon Roar hits harder than both of them in one single devastating blow. So if you want the best AoE damage go with Bladestorm. If you need a stun on a very short cooldown then take Shockwave. If you need a huge 1 second burst of AoE then take Dragon Roar. Also, Shockwave and Dragon Roar are very good single target gap fillers as well where as Bladestorm is only good for AoE.

Tier 5

Mass Spell Reflection - Reflects the next spell cast on you and on all party and raid members within 20 yards for 5 sec.
Safeguard - Run at high speed towards a party or raid member, removing all movement impairing effects upon you, intercepting the next melee or ranged attack made against them and reducing their damage taken by 20% for 6 sec. Replaces Intervene.
Vigilance - Focus your protective gaze on a party or raid member, transferring 30% of damage taken to you for 12 sec. During the duration of Vigilance your Taunt has no cooldown.

This is the defensive tier. Mass Spell Reflection is clearly a situational only talent. Switch to it as you need to, which probably won’t be very often. Safeguard and Vigilance are the two you will have to choose between most of the time. Safeguard will lower the overall damage the raid is taking, while Vigilance simply transfers some of the damage from another player to you. The downside of Safeguard is that the melee or ranged attacks you intercept afterwards can crit you because you’re not a tank. If it’s a boss attack then a crit will likely one shot you which defeats the purpose of using it. There’s no chance of that with Vigilance and it can still be used to help the tank soak up a big hit (such as Impale or Hour of Twilight).

Tier 6

Avatar - You transform into an unstoppable colossus for 24 sec, increasing your damage dealt by 20%. Removes all movement impairing effects upon use.
Bloodbath - For the next 12 sec your melee special attacks to deal an additional 30% damage as a bleed over 6 sec. While bleeding, the target moves at 50% reduced speed.
Storm Bolt - Hurl your weapon at an enemy, causing 100% weapon damage and stunning the target for 3 sec. Deals an additional 300% weapon damage to targets that are permanently immune to stuns.

This is your cooldown tier. Avatar is a huge boost in damage for 24 sec, but it will usually fall short of Bloodbath or Stormbolt in long term damage especially without it's previous bonuses. Use it only if you need just 1 large burst of damage for the entire fight. While your white attacks don’t benefit from Bloodbath, it basically makes all your special attacks hit for 30% extra damage for 12 seconds. Put it on a 1 minute cooldown and it tramples Avatar in overall damage. Storm Bolt isn’t quite as good as Bloodbath for damage, but using it on cooldown against a boss will add up pretty quickly. The biggest thing it has going for it is the 3 sec stun with a 30 yard range. It’s definitely the most flexible stun Warriors have ever had so take it if you need one and don’t want Shockwave.


1) Double Time
2) Impending Victory
3) Piercing Howl or Disrupting Shout
4) Dragon Roar
5) Vigilance
6) Bloodbath

Keep in mind that most of the talents are not mandatory and all of them are better or worse depending on the fight. I highly recommend you think for yourself and experiment instead of just sticking with these. However the talents listed above will cover the largest range and most common situations.


Moving on to glyphs we will only be discussing major glyphs that worth talking about. If you feel I’ve missed one then please comment below. Minor glyphs are mostly cosmetic and you can use which ever ones you like. The only minor glyph to keep in mind is Glyph of Intimidating Shout which may be useful depending on what you’re trying to accomplish, so don’t forget about it.

Glyph of Blitz - It is not particularly useful for PvE and if you need an AoE stun then Shockwave is a better choice.

Glyph of Bull Rush - It’s not terrible for starting rage, but there are better options to choose from most of the time.

Glyph of Colossus Smash - A very good glyph as you will be using Colossus Smash whenever it’s up and having 3 stacks of Sunder Armor on your target will help boost your dps in between Colossus Smash’s.

Glyph of Death From Above - A very good glyph for mobility and great for AoE damage as Heroic Leap hits quite hard with this glyph. It’s also pretty useful for single target dps which I will discuss later.

Glyph of Enraged Speed - It’s not really necessary as you can enchant your boots for some extra movement speed or take Glyph of Death from Above and Heroic Leap away from everything instead.

Glyph of Furious Sundering - It’s good for applying Sunder Armor as fast as possible. If you don’t want to wait for it to stack up using just Colossus Smash then take this glyph instead.

Glyph of Hoarse Voice - All this glyph accomplishes is giving you the same amount of rage but using up more GCDs. It might be considered okay if you’re having rage problems and empty GCDs because of it, but in most cases it is useless.

Glyph of Long Charge - It’s occasionally helpful to reduce downtime, but is overall a pretty weak glyph.

Glyph of Mortal Strike - It’s helpful if your healers are struggling to keep the raid alive and all but useless if you have good or over geared healers.

Glyph of Overpower - Once again this glyph is of very debatable value. It’s worth using for AoE and potentially a marginal dps increase for single target which will be discussed later.

Glyph of Recklessness - It lowers the overall damage boost of Recklessness but it stretches it out over a longer period of time. Use it if you need to fit as much dps into a 20 second window as possible.

Glyph of Resonating Power - If you use Thunder Clap on cooldown then it will equal out to doing the same damage regardless of whether you have this glyph or not. This glyph simply allows you to free up more GCDs to use other abilities. I like it, but some may not.

Glyph of Rude Interruption - It’s a very good situational glyph. If there’s a boss ability that needs to be interrupted, slap this glyph on and go to town.

Glyph of Sweeping Strikes - It’s not a terrible glyph for AoE as you get some of the rage cost for Sweeping Strikes back, but it’s useless for single target.

Glyph of Unending Rage - A very good glyph for almost every purpose. It allows you to pool more rage for when your cooldowns or Colossus Smash are up and lets you worry less about capping your rage if you get a big streak of Overpower procs.

Glyph of Victory Rush - Not really worth it because there won’t be a lot of opportunities for you to take advantage of the increased healing from Impending Victory.

Glyph of Whirlwind - It is pretty much completely useless. Just move forward 1 yard so you can hit all the enemies instead of wasting a glyph slot.

For single target I recommend using Glyph of Colossus Smash and Glyph of Unending Rage. Then just rotate between Glyph of Rude Interruption, Glyph of Mortal Strike, Glyph of Death from Above and Glyph of Recklessness depending on the fight for your last slot. If you have a Feral Druid or Prot Warrior in your raid however, then Glyph of Colossus Smash becomes useless so switch it for something else.

For AoE I recommend Glyph of Death from Above, Glyph of Resonating Power, Glyph of Overpower, Glyph of Sweeping Strikes or Glyph of Unending Rage depending on your preference.


Warriors have three stances to choose from: Battle Stance, Berserker Stance and Defensive Stance. In MoP most of our abilities no longer have stance requirements, which means it will be very rare that we have to switch between them. Stances now simply affect our Rage generation.

Battle Stance allows us to generate increased Rage from our normal melee attacks (white hits). It generates 3.5 Rage per 1 second of weapon speed. This means that your standard 3.6 second weapon will generate 12.6 Rage for every succesful melee attack.

Berserker Stance only generates half the Rage from melee attacks as Battle Stance does, however it also generates some Rage from damage taken. It generates 1.75 Rage per 1 second of weapon speed, which means that your standard 3.6 second weapon will only generate 6.3 Rage for every succesful melee attack. To compensate for this you also gain 1 Rage for every 1 % of your health that you lose. This means that if you are hit by an attack that deals approximately 20% of your health in damage, you will gain 20 Rage.

Defensive Stance reduces your damage taken by 25%, increases your threat generation by 500% and generates a passive 1 Rage per 3 seconds. That's right, you generate absolutely no Rage from your normal melee attacks while in Defensive Stance. This stance is generally for tanking only as Mortal Strike alone will not generate nearly enough Rage for you to keep up your rotation.

Generally you will want to be in Battle Stance as you shouldn't be taking extreme amounts of damage on most fights. If you are hit capped then you should generate an ample amount of Rage in Battle Stance to keep up your rotation. However there are some situations where Berskerer Stance will be appealing. For example if you know you are going to be taking a high amount of unavoidable damage for an extended period of time, then it will likely be worth it to switch to Berserker Stance. Phase 2+3 of Feng the Accursed or Ultraxion from Dragon Soul for example. You can also use Defensive Stance to reduce your personal damage taken during periods of downtime that involve high AoE damage such as Storm Unleashed during Blade Lord Ta'yak.


Arms Warriors single target rotation revolves around a priority list. You always want to use the highest move in the priority list.

CS > MS > OP > HS (with 1 or more stacks of TfB) > Slam > HS (at 60+ rage)

Essentially you will be using Colossus Smash and Mortal Strike on cooldown. If you get a Sudden Death proc while you still have some of your previous CS debuff on your target, then wait for the current CS debuff to expire before you apply a new one.

Overpower procs a buff called Taste for Blood. This grants you one additional use of Overpower and makes your next Heroic Strike or Cleave hit for 100% increased damage. If you get multiple OP procs in between MS cooldowns then simply use them up instead of using Slam because you can bleed off the extra Rage with HS. An OP + HS hits harder than a Slam. If you have at least 1 stack of TfB then HS has a better DPR than Slam so you should be using it over Slam which may leave you with an empty GCD.

If you don't get a TfB or Sudden Death proc then you will be using back to back Slams. Take it easy on HS when this happens as the two Slams will use up most of your Rage. If you have gaps or empty GCDs try to fill them with a Dragon Roar. You can also use Shockwave, Impending Victory, Heroic Throw, Heroic Leap or Battle Shout.


CS > MS > Execute > OP > HS (at 80+ rage or 100+ rage if glyphed)

Basically once the boss is sub 20% hp you will still be using Colossus Smash and Mortal Strike on cooldown. The only difference is you will pretty much be putting all of your rage into Executes. It hits like an absolute truck. If you don’t have enough Rage for Execute then you will be filling the gaps with Overpower. Remember that if you have 4-5 stacks of TfB then your HS will hit harder than Execute, but this is a very rare occurrence.


Thunder Clap (if Deep Wounds is not spread) > Tier 4 Talent > CS > MS > Heroic Leap (if glyphed) > Whirlwind (3+ targets) > Thunder Clap > Sweeping Strikes (2 targets) > OP > Cleave (at 60+ rage)

Start off trash or AoE pulls with a Thunder Clap to spread Deep Wounds to all your targets. It ticks for a large amount of damage between multiple enemies. Your tier 4 talent (Bladestorm, Shockwave, Dragon Roar) should be used on cooldown. Then continue using CS and MS on cooldown. If you chose Glyph of Death From Above then use Heroic Leap on cooldown.

If you are fighting 3 or more targets then Whirlwind will be your main Rage dump instead of Slam with OP filling the gaps. Continue using TC to refresh Deep Wounds. SS is generally not worth using if you are fighting 3+ enemies as the 30 rage is better spent on WW. If you are only fighting 2 targets then use TC to refresh Deep Wounds and try to get as much SS uptime as possible. Use OP to fill the gaps and Cleave if you get TfB procs. If you have nothing else to hit use Slam.


You have 4 main cooldowns not including whatever racials or tier 6 talents you may have chosen. There are 2 big cooldown and there are 2 small cooldowns.

Deadly Calm - This is your first short cooldown. This is best used either when you have Bloodbath or other cooldowns up to squeeze as much damage into them as possible or in conjunction with TfB procs to further increase Rage efficiency.

Berserker Rage - This is your second short cooldown. You should be trying to maximize its usage during the fight so if you want to keep it simple then just use it on cooldown. If you only have 2-3 seconds before CS is up then it is best used in sync with the CS debuff or with your long cooldowns.

Recklessness - This is your major dps cooldown. If the fight is not long enough for you to use it twice then you should save it for Execute phase. However, if you can use it twice then use it at the beginning of the fight or with lust as well (provided it will be back up in time for Execute). You should also be using whatever other major cooldowns you have (such as Bloodbath, Avatar, Blood Fury, Potions, etc…) in sync with Recklessness. Remember though, this doesn’t mean you can’t also use your shorter cooldowns earlier in the fight.

Skull Banner - This cooldown is not astounding by itself, but when used with Recklessness can a be a sizeable dps increase. I will discuss cooldown management later on.


Head : Sightfinder Helm
Neck : Cloudstrike Pendant or if you're lucky Helios, Durand's Soul of Purity
Shoulders : Acid-Scarred Spaulders
Back : Cloak of Failing Will
Chest : Hateshatter Chestplate
Wrists : Commanding Bracers
Hands : Hive Protector's Gauntlets
Waist : Binding of Broken Dreams
Legs : Pyretic Legguards
Feet : Anchoring Sabatons
Ring 1 : Blade Trap Signet
Ring 2 : Firefinger Ring
Trinket 1 : Lessons of the Darkmaster
Trinket 2 : Carbonic Carbuncle
Weapon : Gravetouch Greatsword or Goresoaked Headreaper or Warmace of Taran Zhu

*Please remember that LFR or Conquest gear will be better than most of these items until you have access to normal mode raid gear.*


Head : Helmet of Resounding Rings
Neck : Shackle of Eversparks or Necklace of Congealed Weaknesses
Shoulders : Shoulderpads of Misshapen Life
Back : Cloak of Peacock Feathers
Chest : Battleplate of Resounding Rings
Wrists : Braided Black and White Bracer
Hands : Gauntlets of Resounding Rings
Waist : Patroller's Girdle of Endless Spring
Legs : Legplates of Resounding Rings
Feet : Jasper Clawfeet
Ring 1 : Dread Shadow Ring
Ring 2 : Ring of the Golden Stair
Trinket 1 : Relic of Xuen
Trinket 2 : Lei Shen's Final Orders
Weapon : Shin'ka, Execution of Dominion

*This is not necessarily a BiS list, just an idea of what items you want to look for. The tier shoulders are our worst itemized set piece. Which neck to use depends greatly on your preference or stat needs.*


Because trinkets are usually our most important items other than weapons and tier bonuses and because this question seems to be asked very frequently, I have made a list of most of the available trinkets from this tier in order of best to worst. This includes heroic, LFR and 5 man trinkets. This is for Arms only and is not accurate for Fury.

1) Relic of Xuen
2) Lei Shen's Final Orders
3) Skullrender Medallion
4) Darkmist Vortex
5) Lei Shen's Final Orders
6) Darkmist Vortex
7) Lei Shen's Final Orders
8) Lessons of the Darkmaster
9) Carbonic Carbuncle
10) Iron Belly Wok or Jade Charioteer Figurine
11) Darkmist Vortex
12) Coren's Cold Chromium Coaster

*Iron Belly Wok and Jade Chariot Figurine are the exact same trinket and are simply acquired from different places. Lessons of the Darkmaster could potentially be rated slightly higher than Lei Shin’s LFR if you need the Expertise, but if you have more than enough Hit/Exp stats already Lei Shin’s LFR will be better.*


With Glyph of Death From Above your average Heroic Leap will hit harder than OP. This really makes it a great gap filler for when you’re running too low on rage to get a Slam in. However the other thing to consider is that Heroic Leap is off the GCD. This is where you can really squeeze out some extra dps if you need to. You can simply Heroic Leap on cooldown without disrupting your normal rotation what so ever.

With the glyph this can average out to anywhere from a 1000 – 2000 dps increase. However keep in mind this takes extremely good timing and precision because the moment you hit your next ability, even if it’s still on cooldown, Heroic Leap will be deselected. If you can’t time it right you will likely end up losing dps instead of gaining it because it will cause you to mess up your normal rotation. Use this ability at your discretion.


Glyph of Overpower definitely makes Cleave a more attractive Rage dump for AoE situations than HS if you choose to use it, but what about for single target? Well the answer is both yes and no. Now it’s time for some math. Please be aware that these numbers are not entirely accurate as they are missing multiple scale factors. They are meant for a basic comparison only.

First if OP doesn’t crit: The answer is no.

Unglyphed - 105% WD + 110% WD + 686 = 215% WD + 686
Glyphed - 126% WD + 82% WD = 208% WD

Now if OP crits: The answer is yes.

Unglyphed - 210% WD + 110% WD + 686 = 320% WD + 686
Glyphed - 252% WD + 82% WD = 334% WD

Now considering OP crits 80% of the time (20% base crit from T14 normal mode gear + 60% additional chance from OP), we can figure out the overall average damage to see if the 4 times it does crit makes up for the 1 time it doesn’t by multiplying OP by 1.8. As you can see the answer is still yes.

Unglyphed - (105% WD * 1.8) + 110% WD + 686 = 299% WD + 686
Glyphed - (126% WD * 1.8) + 82% WD = 308.8% WD

Now factoring in the chance for HS or Cleave to crit (assuming 20% base crit).

Unglyphed - (105% WD * 1.8) + ((110% WD + 686) * 1.2) = 321% WD + 823.2
Glyphed - (126% WD * 1.8) + (82% WD * 1.2) = 325.2% WD

Since 1 stack of TfB increases HS or Cleave damage by 100% we can treat it the same as having a 30% flat crit chance in addition to the 20% base crit chance. This will allow us to calculate the overall average damage the two different combinations could do over the course of an entire fight.

Unlgyphed - (105% WD * 1.8) + ((110% WD + 686) * 1.5) = 354% WD + 1029
Glyphed - (126% WD * 1.8) + (82% WD * 1.5) = 349.8% WD

This is all not factoring in Seasoned Soldiers, Enrage/Berserker Rage, Armor, or Colossus Smash just to name a few. But as you may have noticed as we add more and more scale factors HS slowly starts to overtake glyphed Cleave. From this we can deduce that it is not worth using Cleave on purely single target fights so skip on this glyph for the most part. It is still worth using on fights with heavy cleave/splash damage.


Since Bloodbath only lasts for 12 seconds you want to try and squeeze as much damage as possible into its duration. This allows you get the most damage out of your abilities. One thing you may have noticed is that Dragon Roar is also on a 1 minute cooldown. If you chose this talent then you should always try to use Dragon Roar during your Bloodbaths. Try to make sure you always have Deadly Calm up for it as well.

First off if you’re using Glyph of Death From Above and using Heroic Leap off the GCD like suggested earlier, then always make sure you have Heroic Leap up at some point during Bloodbath. This lets you gain the most dps from it. The other big thing you want to do is Rage pooling.

What this means is that when Bloodbath has about 10-15 seconds left before it comes off cooldown, you want to start saving up your Rage. This means using Battle/Commanding Shout if you have empty GCDs and taking it really easy on the HS usage. Use as little Rage as possible to fill your GCDs so that you can go crazy once you pop Bloodbath. Ideally with Deadly Calm up you should be able to get 2-3 HS in during Bloodbath, but in a worst case scenario you will at least be able to fill all the GCDs. This is really not a time when you want to have empty GCDs.


Properly timing your cooldowns is something that can really separate a veteran Warrior from newer player. However this is not something you will become amazing at overnight. It requires you to think ahead and possess some pertinent knowledge about the fight and your guild’s specific strategy. There are two main things you want to remember when planning how you will use your cooldowns. First off you want to get as much uptime on your cooldowns as possible. You always want to try and use your cooldowns as often as possible throughout the fight. Secondly you want to make sure you always have all of your cooldowns available for once you hit Execute phase. This includes things such as Recklessness, Skull Banner, Bloodbath, Potion, etc…

The key things you need to know are the length of your cooldowns, the approximate length of the fight for your guild and when you will be able to get the most uptime on the boss or focus target. Really beyond this it requires that you think and plan it out for yourself. You want to consider as many factors as possible.

For example, if the fight is only going to be 4 minutes then don’t use Recklessness at the beginning; you want to save it for the end as well as saving your second Skull Banner for the end. If the fight is going to be 6 minutes then you will want to use everything at the beginning and then save your second Skull Banner and Recklessness for the end. However if the fight is going to be 7-8 minutes then you want to use everything at the beginning, use your second Skull Banner once it’s up in conjunction with Bloodbath and other short cooldowns and then save your third Skull Banner and second Recklessness for the end.

Now let’s say you have your 4 set bonus. This puts Recklessness on a mere 2 minute 30 second cooldown. This will change how you want to approach things. You will generally want to delay your second Recklessness so that it syncs up with Bloodbath or Skull Banner. If it’s a 4 minute fight then you will use everything at the beginning and then save your second Recklessness and your second Skull Banner for the end. If it’s a 7 minute fight then you will use everything at the beginning, save your second Recklessness for your second Skull Banner and then save both of them for the end. If it’s a 10 minute then you will still always be saving your Recklessness for Skull Banner. Use everything at the beginning, use your second and third Recklessness and Skull Banners together and then save the fourth for the end.

If the fight is going to be well over 10 minutes, for example let’s say 12 minutes, then this changes it up again. You will no longer be saving your Recklessness for your Skull Banner because then you will be losing out on an extra Recklessness you could have used. In this case you use Reckless and Skull Banner on cooldown and you will end up saving your fourth Skull Banner and your fifth Recklessness for the end. As you can see there are so many possibilities that I could never go over them all here. Simply think ahead and figure out how you can get the most uptime while also having everything up for Execute phase.

The other thing you need to consider are the mechanics of the fight or requirements of your guild’s specific strategy. For example if Garalon is about to use Crush, which stuns you for 2 seconds, do not use your cooldowns before he Crushes. Instead wait until after he uses Crush so that you aren’t losing uptime while you have your cooldowns up. This holds true for most fights. If Subtei from the Spirit Kings encounter is the current target and is about to cast Pillage, then don’t use your cooldowns before he does because you will lose uptime when you can’t stand near him.


We’ve all seen this situation before. The OP procs just won’t stop coming and you have no clue what to do. Well the answer is you want to forget about OP and just fall back into the normal priority rotation, which will most likely mean using MS instead of continuing to use OP. There are 2 main reasons for this. First the average Mortal Strike or Colossus Smash will hit harder than OP. Second there is no such thing as a “hot streak”.

The math clearly adds up here, even excluding the bonus damage of MS and CS. Assuming a 20% Crit chance let’s napkin math it out.

OP - 105% WD 1.8 = 189% WD.
MS - 170% WD*1.2 = 204% WD.
CS - 175% WD*1.2 = 210.

If you have the 2 set bonus then MS will hit even harder.

MS w/ 2 set - (170% WD*1.25)*1.2 = 255% WD.

Considering none of these abilities cost Rage and that Mortal Strike actually generates Rage then we have a no brainer here. Falling back into the regular priorities is much better even if you consider the utility of all three attacks. OP can get you more TfB stacks while MS and CS can proc Enrage for extra Rage and damage. They are relatively equal in that regard so using MS or CS instead of continuing your chain of OP is simply better based on pure damage.

I will also address the more common reason I believe people feel they should continue using OP until they run out of procs. The math is very sound that MS and CS do much more damage so I assume most people believe they are on a “hot streak” so to speak. The fact is that RNG is RNG. You have the same chance to proc another OP if you get 5 in a row as you do on your first one. “Hot streaks” and “cold streaks” are simply ideas invented by people because they either get lucky or get unlucky once in a while. If you rolled a six sided di one hundred times, it’s quite possible you could roll a six seven times in a row and then not roll another six for another thirty rolls. The fact is that it will average out to be the same percentage of your one hundred rolls either way. That’s why you always assume averages or theoretical odds while theorycrafting. You want to look at the overall long run and not rely on getting lucky.


For help with macros I recommend you take a look at Quiten's "Quintessential Warrior Macros for Pandaria". He pretty much covers the basics of what macros should be, some tips on making them and an extensive list of Warrior specific macros. Here's the link :

If you have questions or need help with macros feel free to ask and I will do the best I can to help you. Since most of my list of macros is included in Quinten's guide I felt no need to post anymore here.


Now by far the easiest way to install add ons is via the Curst Client. Instead of having to manually download the add ons you want and then copy/paste them into the right folder you can simply browse the add ons, select which ones you want and then the client will download them for you into the correct folder. After that you're good to go. You can download the client here :

Here's a brief list of popular add ons, along with some description, to help get you started. Most of these are geared towards improving your raid performance so you won't find too many convenience add ons such as Postal or Auctionator.

Bartender4 : This add on replaces the default Action Bars. These new bars are completely customizable and it accommodates most related bars such as Stance bars, Pet bars, Micro Menu and Bag bars. You can change the setup of your bars, the size, hide/show key binds, adjust the space in between the buttons, move them pretty much anywhere on your screen and more.

Deadly Boss Mods : A very helpful raid add on. It will give you timers for most boss abilities, yell at you in big colored letters when you're standing in something, auto mark players for certain abilities, give advanced warnings, occasional screen flashes for alerting certain abilities and more. It's updated for all new bosses every tier and covers most abilities from fire on the ground to debuffs to catastrophic disaster moves that need to be interrupted. This add on is often considered mandatory by non-competitive or casual raiding guilds.

Big Wigs Bossmods : This is another raid add on which is very similar to DBM. Like DBM you can move the bars around and customize their size. It has timers, auto marks and everything else to help you get through the fight alive. Use either Big Wigs or DBM, but not both as they will often conflict.

Raven : This add on gives you timer bars for buff/debuff tracking, cooldown tracking, multi-target HoT or DoT tracking bars, spell highlights and more. Now you don't need to use all of these features as most of them can be turned off or configured to not appear and all of the tracking bars are fully customizable. They can also be told to ignore certain abilities or buffs.

Power Auras Classic : This add on is similar to Raven, but it offers even more features and customization. You can track buffs/debuffs, cooldowns, stack counters, procs and more. They are fully customizable as well and you can track most things in a variety of ways from timer bars to screen flashes to large visual cues to sound cues and more.

Omen Threat Meter : This add on provides you with a customizable threat meter. It shows you the current threat and TPS for your current target of yourself and your fellow raiders. You change the size, change the background colors, show visual warnings for when you get too high on the list and change the bar textures/colors.

Tidy Plates : This add on replaces the default nameplates and offers lots of customization. You can set it to a variety of themes, change the color, make them bigger or smaller, set up different themes/options depending on which spec you’re in and what your current role is and more. You can also do some neat stuff like have the name plates change color depending on much health the enemies have remaining or how much threat you have on them. However, you may have to download additional Tidy Plates add ons for some of these options or modes.

Recount : This add on will provide you with a graphical damage meter. You can see the DPS, HPS, damage done, healing done, damage taken, interrupts, dispels and more for every player of your raid. You can view the data for a single fight or the overall data for the entire night. You can also change how many individual fights it'll remember. It shows you which players or enemies a person did the most damage or healing to and it can show you which spells or abilities did which percentage of their damage or healing. It has some slight customization options such as changing the background color and the bar textures/colors. However, this add on is infamous for taking up a large amount of your memory and possibly causing some lag issues because of it.

Skada Damage Meter : This is add on is another damage meter, but with far more customization than Recount. It can show you the DPS, HPS, damage done, healing done, damage taken, interrupts, dispels, threat and more. It can also be used as a threat meter which will warn you when you are too high on threat. You can see the damage done to a specific enemy, which players or enemies someone did the most damage or healing to and which spells or abilities did which percentage of their damage or healing. You can also save individual fights indefinitely. However, this is a modular add on and many of these customization options or modes require you to download additional Skada add ons.

AtlasLoot Enhanced : This add on will give you a comprehensive list of most loot available in the World of Warcraft. It will show you the loot dropped by most 5 man and raid bosses for normal, heroic and LFR modes. It has all of the dungeons and raids from previous expansions as well. It tells you the drop rate for some items, it has most PvP items, it has most holiday and event items, it has most of the crafted items and it has most items from faction rewards. You can search for items by name, you can preview items normally by control+clicking them and you can make your own wish list of items.

X-Perl UnitFrames : This add on will replace the default unit frames. It allows you to customize your own unit frame, your target's unit frame, your focus target's unit frame and your raid unit frames. You can have a 3D portrait for your unit frame and your target's unit frame, have it show buffs/debuffs, change the size of your health or resource bars, show things such as Battle Rezzes available, it has completely customizable colors and more.
Woo! It's back baby. I'm in the process of adding the armory links and finishing touches right now. Don't worry guys I'll probably get banned again in a week or two and it'll be removed again... so let's discuss Arms and such while it lasts!
Defensive Stance reduces your damage taken by 25%, increases your threat generation by 500% and generates a passive 1 Rage per 3 seconds. That's right, you generate absolutely no Rage from your normal melee attacks while in Defensive Stance. This stance is for tanking only as Mortal Strike alone will not generate nearly enough Rage for you to keep up your rotation.

You might as well add that this stance can also be used a personal cooldown of sorts.
Eh thanks. I figured most smart people would figure out when to use it because it's pretty situational to use it for that purpose. However I added a bried mention of it near the end of the Stances section.
This is a guide that lists all the basics of what to do for the spec and, to a lesser extent, the class.

So might as well cover all bases.
According to mmochamp, the proc of the darkmoon cards is being nerfed. I wonder if relic of xuen will still be best in slot.

Edit: Thought it said proc rate at first but its lowering the strength gain a bit.
I'm only posting cause i wanted to know why the first one was deleted? Seems unusual since a lot of work clearly went into it.

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