16/16 Recurring 25m raid Fri @6:15pm PST.

There will be a 25 man semi-pug/semi-premade group running Mogu'shan Vaults 25 man normal on this, and every Friday henceforth (minus holidays). If we get all bosses down fast enough in MV one night, or after gearing most of our frequenting raiders in 489 we will move to HoF and/or ToES, this date is not preset.

If any of you remember the DS pug lead by Alchemoney that was 6/8 H 25 during Cata that ran on Friday night @ the same time, this is going to be the same group, as for leadership & loot rules.

You may mail Jun/Prospectory/Valariin with interest. We have some members already planning to attend weekly, but we have spots for each role atm. We expect people to be prepared by bringing appropriate consumables (minus feasts) and by watching videos/doing LFR as needed. It would be wise for you to have your character fully reforged, gemmed, and enchanted, prior to sending any of us an in game mail to check you for a potential spot. Feel free to mail questions as well.

In order to keep the raid growing in strength we will be evaluating logs weekly to cut severely underperforming raiders. Don't worry we take gear into consideration, so if you're a bit behind others in dps we'll be sure to assess the damage differences properly.

Keep in mind this is a ONE night a weekly ONLY raid from 6:15-10pm PST, don't expect to clear all current content or heroics immediately, but as the skilled playerbase increases and attendance stabilizes, we will progress in raid difficulty.

Edit: Changed to 16/16 - the last two weeks we have full cleared HoF & Terrace, we're still leaving MV out of the rotation due to time and interest in heroic attempts when able.
Update on this raid group for those geared/skilled/interested. We are 6/6 MV and 1/6 HoF 25 for 1 night (Friday @6:15-10pm). We have a pretty stable group of alts/mains, but we still have holes to fill. Once the group is where we want it to be gear wise we'll focus more on HoF, for now we're gearing a decent bit of the raid still. Send mails to Valariin/Prospectory/Jun for more information - logs reports help us add you without any evaluation, otherwise I might have you do a few bosses in LFR and show me your capabilities (even if saved) just to check on you and not waste both of our time.
Hello, just here to make an update. We are still looking for high end DPS (occasionally a healer) our tanks are reliable and strong so we are not in need of them currently. Our raid has progressed to 6/6 MV 4/6 HoF and 3/4 ToES. We have dropped MV recently to focus on HoF/ToES. If you are interested in a raid spot please inquire with myself on Jun/Kagani. We are mainly seeking 480+ il dps, if you are not forged/enchanted/gemmed properly do not expect to get in the raid. If your dps is far lower than expected for your class and gear level we may replace you mid raid, or not ask you to come back in further weeks. Experience and/or World of Logs data is encouraged, please include any pertinent information in your mail or message. The raid times are Friday night, every Friday, 6:15pm start, 10pm end. We supply feasts, flasks and pots you should bring for yourself. We parse under <Inbound> on Lightbringer or <Parody> on Alleria if you want to know how you measure up dps wise to similarly geared players of your class.

I wish there were more things like this. I praise everyone whom is taking part in running this and wish you guys the best of luck. I only wish my shaman could attend, alas I work those evenings.

This run is doing 6/6 HoF and 4/4 Terrace in the time allotted. We will be adding heroic pulls into the rotation time permitting.

On another note our 10m on Saturday (4/16 heroic) has converted to 25 starting this week. This run was/is also a 1 night ONLY run. If you're interested in either Friday OR Saturday 25m HoF/Terrace, please contact me in game. We are in need of high dps, still looking 480+, 485+ is preferred, "possible" spot for a skilled healer or two if we are unhappy with any new ones on Saturday.


We are still very interested in high end dps, if you happen to miss a raid on your main or have a well geared alt you play well please contact me if you want to raid. For those who are not currently raiding on their primary character and have the appropriate item level / experience we also are interested in you.

This raid will be continuing on the same night and time (2 raids of 25, one Fri, one Sat, both fresh) once 5.2 launches.

We would really like to improve some of our current dps slots by players improving or by bringing in new ones.

Thanks for reading,

I talked to you in game, Jun. If I am still on the backup list for under-par dps then great. I was curious if there is an open for downing bosses, or if I am remaining on the backup list.
Aye Jun you've had my hunter Krazyhate on the invite list fairly regularly; but I've had to decline in the past do to guild raiding same content. Me and my past guild just recently parted ways so I can accept the Friday weekly invite now.


That way if you like you can check out any of my parses a little easier from there.

Thanks Krazy
Well I haven't updated this recently so I figured I should. We recently cut some dps and 1 healer who we felt weren't bringing enough to the raid. Our standards are quite high, we try not to judge on one week, the people we cut had been coming for 4+ raids and geared up enough where they should have been competing heavily.

Last night we went 9/12 with a late start and ended right around 10pm. We intend on doing this or better weekly and as usual are looking for exceptional dps 500il+ (preferably higher) favoring ranged dps and possibly a high quality healer (class isn't as important but holy paladin would be best tbh). Please contact me in game on Kagani or Jun, or in game mail me please.


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