Your Top 10 Rock Singer and Top 10 Rock Band?

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I'm doing a little bit of research on the internet on various forums just to get a general consensus on who alot of people think is the best rock singer of all time. All rock singers and rock genres are welcome.

Also, I'd love to have active debate on here as well on why one person is better than the other, but keep it respectable.

Please list your favourites and please take the time to give reasons why.

Here is my own top 10 Rock Singers

10 - Jimi Hendrix (Person)

Now, I know if this were a top 10 guitarist he would be number one on anyones list who dosn't put Jimmy Paige at the top. I like Jimi's vocals though in his music. It has soul and spirit and he really means what he sings. - All along the watchtower

This is my favourite of his, I am positive Bob Dylan wrote it but Jimi owned it.

9 - Anthony Kiedis (Red Hot Chilli Peppers)

I'm a huge RHCP fan, I love this group (I even have a T-Shirt). But, as a vocalist I think Anthony really shines. He has emotion in his emotional songs such as Under the Bridge and he has just awesomeness in his badass songs like By the Way. - By The Way

My favourite.

8 - Robert Plant (Led Zep)

Aww yeah who does NOT love Led Zep? I think a large majority would have Mr Plant in their Rock vocalist list. His range is amazing, you've all heard Kashmir right? - Kashmir

7 - Brian Johnson (ACDC)

I know some people are going to be unhappy at me including Brian and not Bon but personally I believe Brian is a better singer. Bon is fantastic but Brian just has a more rocky voice imo. But i'll let you decide.

Highway to Hell - Bon Scott - Brian Johnson

6 - Jimmy Barnes (Cold Chisel)

Another iconic aussie singer, Jimmy Barnes may not be largely known outside of NZ and Aussie but down under he is well known and liked by lots of rock fans. If you have not heard of him you gotta listen to this song by Cold Chisel. - Wild Thing - Khe Sanh

5 - Meatloaf (Person)

This guy is so awesome, his songs are so emotional and epic. His range is great and he works fantastic with other artists. - Took the words right out of my mouth

4 - Grace Slick (Jefferson Airpane)

Oh you guys had to know Grace was gonna turn up.. one of the best female rockers of all time. Listen to the song.. I dont think I need to elaborate on why she is good. - Somebody to love

3 - Mick Jagger (Not gonna list the name, any true rock fan knows his group)

Yeah yeah you know theres gonna be Mick Jagger on a rock vocalist list lol, again this is one that I dont need to elaborate on. - Its only rock and roll

2 - John Lennon (Again, if you dont know his group then... lol...)

Was hard to decide between John and Paul, but overall I think John is more my style. Listen to Come Together and you'll know what I mean - Come Together.

1 - Freddie Mercury (You know this)

This wasn't hard to choose. Freddie has a HUGE vocal range, I mean... come on.. you know this anyway. I challenge people to find me someone who sings better than Freddie lol. - I want it all

RIP Freddie :'(

Special mentions - Axel Rose, Robert Palmer, Bon Scott, Elvis Presley, Joe Cocker, Elton John, David Bowie, Paul McCartney and Janis Joplin.

Im still thinking of a Top 10 Rock group list and will post one later on.
1.) Robert Plant (All of it. They are my favorite band and I can't pick a favorite song. Eh... maybe this one: or this one: ... no I can pick a favorite =p I'll just link them all.)

The rest I can't put in order but these are my other favorite vocalist:

Steve Perry (

Ann Wilson (

Paul Rodgers (

Eric Clapton (

John Fogerty (

Eddie Vedder (

Gavin Rossdale ( * Btw, I love their 90's music way more but... this song is beautiful.

Willie Nelson (

Jerry Cantrell ( *I love Alice in Chains but... Jerry Cantrell's Boggy Depot is a fav :)

Willie Nelson is my fav singer of all time awesome you mentioned him. He has sung some rocky songs too. I prefer his country stuff though.
All these lists are incomplete without Chris Cornell 8)
1. John Lennon (The Beatles). Pretty Self explanatory. He was just such a great songwriter and singer. He really balanced the Beatles out with his blunt truth in contrast to McCartney's rock n' roll taste.

2. The Rolling Stones (Mick Jagger). I'm putting the Stones up a bit higher than usual. Just about every song they wrote was great. They really laid down the "Bad Boys" foundation. And what's great is that they didnt need to really step outside their norm when making music. It all sticked to the blues and classic rock, which worked really well with them.

3. Queen (Freddie Mercury). Definately one of the most unique in the terms of rock. Combining hard rock and classical music and coming out on top is not easy to do, yet the guys of Queen were able to do it wih finesse.

4. CCR (John Fogerty). I dont know what it is about CCR that I like about them. I guess its just their music all around, which isnt the most original. but it's sure damn good. FUN FACT: CCR was formed in San Francisco

5. Led Zepplin (Robert Plant). I'm in a love/hate relationship w/ Led Zepplin. "Stairway to Heaven" "Kashmir" and "When the Levy Breaks" were all excellent, but other than that, no. Just not the biggest fan of Robert Plant.

6. AC/DC- Real Hardcore rock and hyped with energy. Also, if i'm not mistaken, they're the first group from Australia to really catch global fame (I may be mistaken, don't blame me). Music was able to finally turn to a group NOT from America or Britain.

7. Elton John- In many ways, John is like if Freddie Mercury went solo (not referring to their sexual tastes). Using the piano more than the guitar, Elton was different, and his uniqueness, Like Freddie, helped him get where he is now

8 Journey (Steve Perry)- I've really been digging "Separate Ways" and "Don't Stop Believing".

9. Guns N' Roses (Axl Rose)- The Slash years were superb. Really kind of brought rock back as a genre during the 80's. It's too bad that Slash quit. Killer guitar was lost that day

10. Pink Floyd- I know there are some people out there who are gonna be PISSED at this. And yes, Pink Floyd is rock. Some of their songs i enjoy, like "Another Brick in the Wall" and Hey You", but like Led Zepplin, that's it.

EXTRA: Dereck and the Dominos. Only the extremists will know these guys. Practically a One-Hit wonder from "Layla", it was the home of two great guitarists, Eric Clapton and Duane Allman, for the two years it existed.
In no particular order:

Marty Balin and Grace Slick - Jefferson Airplane/Jefferson Starship

Rick Danko, Richard Manuel, and Levon Helm - The Band

Bob Dylan (don't laugh... he CAN sing when he wants to)

Roy Orbison

John Fogerty - CCR
I don't like any rock bands but they have some great vocalists

THe guy from muse

Maynard from tool

Brent Smith from Shinedown is fantastic

Lajon Witherspoon of Sevendust

Peter Loafler of Chevelle
I'll go with my to 4, in no particular order:

Johnny Van Zant
Johnny Cash
Robert Johnson
Bon Scott
I'm gonna go with Freddie Mercury as the best rock singer ever, even though I'm not really much of a Queen fan.

However, I'm not much of a fan of vocals or singers, so I really can't comment much more on this thread.
1. Adam ♥ Lambert
2. Adam ♥ Lambert
3. Adam ♥ Lambert
4. Adam ♥ Lambert
5. Adam ♥ Lambert
6. Adam ♥ Lambert
7. Adam ♥ Lambert
8. Adam ♥ Lambert
9. Adam ♥ Lambert
10. Adam ♥ Lambert

Fix'd :D

*Like, in gaming, there is only WoW.
So, as in music, there is only Adam ♥ Lambert.
join the kanye west moment

So, as in music, there is only Adam ♥ Lambert.

I love how you two didn't make clear that you're being sarcastic & totally non-serious.
12/05/2012 02:06 PMPosted by Fleafly
join the kanye west moment

So, as in music, there is only Adam ♥ Lambert.

I love how you two didn't make clear that you're being sarcastic & totally non-serious.

Umm, can't speak for the other person, but I'm...................


S E R I O U S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Met the man twice during the Glam Nation tour, back a few years ago. He IS the most beautifullest man in the ENTIRE world. He IS everything to me, like how WoW is everything to me. He IS practically all I listen to now, since I saw his rendition of The Stones "Satisfaction" on Idol, quite some years ago.

I know he's gay, I know he has a boyfriend, I know he lives in California. I love that man sooo much, he is the ONLY man. I'm a true Glambert FOR LIFE!!! (For the record, I'm a 41 year old woman) - and, that man has my heart :D I freaking LOVE him. His voice is sooooooooooo....... soooooooooooo.........
well.......his voice just makes me melt like butter. O-M-G!!!!!!!!!!!! I even have a picture of me with him, when I met him. Hope to meet him again next year during his Tresspassing tour. If you've never heard anything, or even if you have, by him, off his new album, you should really listen to "Chokehold". Let me tell you, and, I'm by no means kidding; BUT, I listen to that 1 particular song at least 20x a day. I am sooo SERIOUS.

There is ONLY Adam ♥ Lambert

Adam ♥ ........................



O - M - G ...............

:D ♥ ♥
12/06/2012 07:20 AMPosted by Maren
I love Chris Cornell but I don't think he's a great vocalist.

Heresy! 8)
I am sooo SERIOUS

OK then.

I have nothing against the guy -- I can't stand his music, but I've nothing against him -- but I honestly thought you were sarcastically going over the top in your praise. But apparently not.

It's your thing ... do whatcha wanna do .......
I'm not going to list a bunch of classic rock vocalists, because I hate most of them.

Ian Metzger (Dear and the Headlights)

I love this guy. A lot. I was devastated when DATH broke up, what makes it even worse is that I have no idea what project he's moving onto.

Nate Ruess (fun., The Format)

This guys voice is just ridiculously catchy, I can't help but start singing along to his music.

Casey Crescenzo (The Receiving End of Sirens, The Dear Hunter)

He's just an incredibly talented guy. Dunno what else to say, really. Also he's a qt.

Richard Edwards (Margot & the Nuclear So and So's)

Great voice. The bands music has changed quite a bit over time and his voice still manages to accompany it great.

Hard to believe he went from this:
to this:

Derek Archambault (Defeater)

Okay, this guy is a bit different. He's the vocalist for Defeater, a hardcore punk/post-hardcore band.

Bear with me here, here's a song where he screams:
Then here's one of the acoustic tracks at the end of the album:

Very versatile.

Matt Agrella (Look Mexico)

I just love his voice. Very relaxing, accompanies the music extremely well.

Pat "the bunny" Schneeweis (Wingnut Dishwashers Union, Johnny Hobo & the Freight Trains, Ramshackle Glory + more)

This guy. My god. The music he's made has changed drastically. His lyrics in Johnny Hobo/Wingnut were generally extremely negative since he was a hardcore drug addict at the time, then after he cleaned up, his lyrics with Ramshackle Glory have become pretty positive. Pat has an AMAZING voice, whether you agree or not.

Damian Verrett (The Speed of Sound in Seawater, So Much Light, Mansion Closets)

I loooooooooove Damian, I would so have his babies. Just listen to this guy, how can you not love him? <3

Scott Hutchison (Frightened Rabbit)

He's Scottish, come on.

Thomas Dutton (Forgive Durden)

His voice is just great. Plus, he's hoooooott.

I think that's 10? idk.
12/06/2012 07:20 AMPosted by Maren
All these lists are incomplete without Chris Cornell 8)

I love Chris Cornell but I don't think he's a great vocalist.

Then you don't know what great vocals are. It's okay. Other great rock singers call Chris the greatest rock vocalist ever but hey, just keep being you, or maybe branch out a little.

If you can listen to songs like Say Hello 2 Heaven, New Damage, Limo Wreck, The Last Remaining Light, and Moth without calling him at least "a great vocalist", you're inherently clueless.
This thread is a true failure if Bruce Dickinson wasn't mentioned before now. I must have overlooked it. I mean...Jerry Cantrell...ha, hahaha hahaha BWAHHAHAAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!

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