[A] <Silent> Recruiting for Raid 3 (10)

Current Recruitment:
1x DK or Pally or Monk Tank must be 475+ WITH offspec DPS
1x Pally or Monk or Shaman Healer Must be 475+

About Us
Our raid group consists of experienced, dedicated, mature and consistent raiders. We look to continue that trend by recruiting those who are like minded and patient.

We are currently 6/6 MSV on normal difficulty. Rebuilding our raid group due to new raid schedule, and from losing people to impatience and lack of preformance, etc.

Raid schedule is currently as follows:
(All times are Server)
Wednesday - 9:00 PM - 11:30 PM
Friday - 9:00 PM - 11:30 PM

Mumble - We use mumble for our raids. Please have a headset and be able to communicate.

High Attendance/Reliability - We have zero tolerance for people who have the tendency of being late or regularly missing the currently few raid days we have. Don't apply if for any reason our schedule is even the slightest problem.

Attitude and Conduct - We have a positive, good-humoured, professional and mature atmosphere in our raid group. We don't want any immature delinquents.

Good Raiding Skills/Knowledge - Be situationally aware, know your class and read up on it, know bosses strats and mechanics and be prepared to raid with consumeables.

We are doing some rebuilding of our raid group, and therefor are in need of fairly geared applicants to step in, and be ready for progression as it has been delayed with unfavourable circumstances. With that in mind, we will be quick to judge on performance, and if it doesn't meet our standards, we won't have the time to wait for it to improve.

Our loot system consists of people rolling 1000 MS / 100 OS. Patterns have dedicated crafters extras will be given to those who can use it via rolling 100. DE'd mats are put into the guild bank useable by ALL raiders in group 3 via myself or the assistant raid lead. We have access to all enchants/patterns

Contact one of these people in-game if you are at all interested or require more information:
Arieluma/Elurael, Laydie, Itazame.
Still in need of Permanent players.
How about a resto druid?
(looking for a new server to transfer to)
We have the members to move around if we find a healer instead of an rDPS yes. BattleSkaag#1572 if you'd like to talk more.
Still in need of 1 rDPS
If you're still interested in a hunter I'd be interested.
Updated for current needs.
Updated for current needs
Updated once more

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