Turalyon goes hard on ToES Normals

First 6 Sha of Fear kills worldwide

1 Supermassive US-Turalyon
2 Nightmare Asylum US-Mug'thol
3 LastOne US-Azralon
4 Neolutum US-Turalyon
5 Tyranny US-Shattered Hand
6 Smitus and Friends US-Turalyon

50% of top 6 from Turalyon say whaaaaaa
Good job, Turalyon.
I was just noticing that! Great job guys! Turalyon is in a good place again!
Great work!
Certainly cooler than world's second fastest 30% nerf Heroic Morchok kill. Grats dudes -)
It was 25%, get the facts right. Nerd =D.
Ok Ok, you got me! But seriously though, grats Turalyon raiders, that is awesome. Hopefully ya'all carry that momentum into the heroic modes and kick some !@#.
I don't regret transferring here.

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