[A] Aftermath 25 Man 9/13H Recruitment

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Guild website

Current Recruitment Needs
• Tanking: Paladin, Druid

• DPS: Any with experience

• Healing: Shaman, Druid, Monk

If you are a STRONG damage dealer of ANY class please apply as you will be considered.

Qualities We Look For
• Extremely high attendance, progression raiding on a 3 day/week schedule, while not overloading the bench, requires consistency in the roster.
• Equipped with the best gear you have available to you, PvE optimized talent spec(s) and 2 raid beneficial professions.
• People who are focused during raid time: this means NOT going randomly AFK, NOT watching TV and NOT always taking your headset off.
• Completely willing to be assigned or even volunteer for those "big-numbers-shrinking" utility roles and talent specs in raids. As a player you understand that executing the mechanics of a fight - target switching, interrupting, cool-down management, etc. are the keys to a first kill.
• You adapt to new fight mechanics and responsibilities quickly, without hand-holding, and make good on the fly decisions.

About Aftermath
Aftermath is progression oriented 3-day raiding guild. The guild was founded at the start of The Burning Crusade by a group of friends who have now played and raided together for over 5 years. We pride ourselves on exceptionally stable leadership and guild membership.

We strive to maintain a balance of taking our progression raids seriously while keeping farm and mount runs fun and efficient. Basically we're a group of friends who enjoy playing the game with each other and stomping raid bosses into the ground.

Our past focus has always been 25 player raids and we continue with large format heroic mode raids in MoP. We like to raid - despite the imminent obsolescence of gear, raiding continued as normal when the 3.0 patch came out until WotLK was released and continued through the release of patch 4.0 to Cataclysm.

The raid schedule is: 7:30PM-12:00AM MST on Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday. All of this time is used during progression and less is used during farm periods. We do not extend past our allotted hours except under the most exceptional of circumstances (absolutely positive we'll get that first kill on our next pull) as many of our members cannot afford to be too tired for work or school the next day.

• Being able to show a history of progression raiding (especially heroic modes) is not strictly required, it is however a big plus.
• Having a good attitude towards the game and adapting to class changes is important.
• We consider a stable previous guild history a big plus as well.

If you feel that you could be a good fit for us, feel free to contact Naturesgift, Garkim, Zanros, Skwert or Desir about applying or visit the Aftermath website -- http://aftermathkt.dkpsystem.com
DPS Please
Need a good Hunter
Looking for good players (both good damage and good awareness).

Also the original post says to talk to Natures, Garkim, Nagala or Desir. Natures is Naturesgift, just in case anyone is having a hard time finding him.
updated to Naturesgift
DPS Hunters and Priests - High
Hey, I'm a 480 survival. I'm 4/6MV and know all fights for HoF & TES. I've been raiding since Cata. Cleared DS w/ some heroics. Your schedule works perfect for me.
Thank you!
More DPS !!!!1!
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Hunters Pls
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