[A] Aftermath 25 Man 9/13H Recruitment

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Still need a hunter
Sha Touched Gun getting de

Need a Hunter
Hunter, Hunter, Hunter
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WE are awesome though
WTB a Hunter PST
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So true
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476 pve iLvl ww monk is interested. TBH i have not done much raiding outside of LFR but i adapt quickly and almost always top dps in the raids i do attend. I am currently in a PVP only guild, but i would love to progress in pve as well. My MW gear is ~463 as well, but i prefer dps. MSG me in game, i promise i will do amazing dps for my gear level. I am also leveling a druid right now that will probably go resto.
Also, i'd like to note most of my gear/talents/glyphs are optimized for PVP as that is my current focus but i would have no problem changing them. Currently working on rep grinds for extra items and leveling engineering for that extra dps boost.
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