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I currently maintain two of my prime home realm's threads that are geared to create a healthy, welcoming and cohesive server community: Suramar Guild List, and the various Tiered raiding lists (e.g. Tier 14 Suramar Guild Progression ). Upon the release of Mists, I posted the full progression thread for the new Tier and requested a sticky for it as well as reported it for 'other' sticky request and similarly requested that the opposite be done for the Tier 13 thread, as progression had officially ended for Dragonsoul with the new raid content patch. Many (if not all the users of the threads) have done the same, and yet nearly two months into the expansion nothing has been updated and the stickied threads on the forum are all but irrelevant - including the Guild List as it has exceeded it's character capacity and I don't want to create a newer thread updating it until I know that the moderators are going to do their jobs and sort out the sticky requests.

I have waited this long to post because I figured it would take about a month to sort through all the sticky requests on the main forums before they get around to the realm ones. But I think it has been long enough of a wait and they should really be caught up and on the ball with these things. In the past it was literally a matter of hours for the change-up to occur now I feel as though my efforts to help my realm are either deliberately being ignored or the CMs are just so overworked that more need to be hired to cover the increased workload.

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