[Bug] Shaman passive auras not always showing

Bug Report
Shaman passive abilities sometimes show and sometimes do not show up on the native Wow buff ui when in a party/raid. For example, sometimes the consolidated buff UI will show up as missing the mastery buff. From looking at the stats, the buff is present, but it is not showing up visually. This causes a lot of problems (especially in pugs) because people are confused as to which buffs are in fact missing (and blame the shaman expecting a re-buff, when the shaman cannot re-buff). This issue applies to Grace of Air (Mastery) and Burning Wrath (spellpower). This bug is widespread. I have seen this bug both using addons and not using addons.
Bump... I searched this forum for 'passive buffs' and 5 of the top 6 threads were about shaman buffs not working properly. How about a little love already.
My DK's Unholy Aura is also not showing.
11/27/2012 02:19 PMPosted by Curé
My DK's Unholy Aura is also not showing.

Is it showing properly in a group, but not showing when solo? If so, this could be the intended behaviour:

11/27/2012 01:52 PMPosted by Sapperwix
This is working as intended. Party/Raid-Wide Buffs should only show up on your screen when in a group.

This isn't about group buffs vs raidwide, nor is it about aura range. Buffs like Shadowforms Mind Quickening/Spore Bat and Grace of Air, are erractic. The consoladating buff tray is either having trouble with competing buffs, or its some other issue, but theres reason to believe that these buffs are not solidly active when intended to be, as I've watched my stats return to non-buffed values in unison when they disappear. Primarily Haste and Mastery.

I've been wanting to do a real breakdown of this erractic buff behavior I've been seeing, but haven't got around to it.
I've noticed this as well - yes, in raids. I don't know that I have a 100% recipe for getting it to happen, but it seems to happen most frequently when there's another person in the group that can actively cast the buff, or another shaman.

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