[H] <Pie> is looking for a Healer and Tank

Pie is a horde guild, been around for a couple of years now, that raids 10 man (10 person, sorry) content with a healthy attitude that combines a friendly, first name atmosphere with a hard working dedication that leads to dead bosses.

Until MoP we had been on hiatus since mid May and now need to fill a couple of gaps in our roster for this tier. The players on our raid team are fantastic both inside the game and out. Our ages range from early twenties to however the Hell old Sin is and have a pretty even split between genders. We're a diverse group and value each other as real friends, not just "the druid" or "our tank."

We raid Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 7pm until 9pm server (pacific) time. While we don't have a very strict 100% attendance policy, it's understood that we have 10 raiders, period. We don't like pugging. If one person isn't here we usually end up not being able to raid. Please plan on being on during raid time.

We need two spots filled sooner rather than later. We're mostly open to different options as we aren't strict about our composition (as long as we have necessities). To that end we do need a tank and a healer.

Tank: Any class will do.

Healer: Prefer Priest, would consider a good fit from another class.

Bottom line: if you are at all interested, it sure doesn't hurt to apply. For the right people, we'll make it work!

We're a fairly skilled group, not necessarily extraordinarily so, but we are up on current class changes, rotations, mechanics, etc. We expect it of each other and we expect it of new members as well. If you're new to your class that's cool, just please be prepared to show us that you know your stuff (no, we won't quiz you, but if you're a mage doing half the damage of everyone else, expect an uncomfortable conversation).

Finally, we're all grown ups (legally at least) here and sometimes we use grown up language in guild chat and vent. For that reason we'd like to limit future members to other grown ups. No minors please.

Now the fun part, go to our site: http://pieofhyjal.guildportal.com to apply or hit up um... well, anyone with a Pie tag in game. There's pretty much always someone online that can tell you how awesome we are.
I the all mighty Sin approve this msg
10/28/2012 06:43 PMPosted by Sinicized
I the all mighty Sin approve this msg

Nice hat.
Join now and Jones will give you free gold.
11/04/2012 03:24 AMPosted by Valitha
Join now and Jones will give you free gold.

And Valitha has his own gift to offer! It comes in a bag!

Also, updated needs.
Also looking for a rogue or dk.
Bump with new needs

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