[H] <Bad Guys> 25M 1/16H 10/16N Recruiting.

High demand for Heals and Dps, but all exceptional players can apply.

We are currently in need of Heals for our 25 man raids.
We are 8/16 at the moment, soon to be attempting heroics. (Check back for updates!)
We have an abundance of tanks and healers, but all applications are being reviewed regardless.

List of classes preferred, but not required:
Holy Priest
Holy Paladin
Resto Druid

Tues-Thurs 6:30PM to 10:30PM Server Time
That means that it will be:
4:30PM-8:30PM Pacific (PST)
5:30PM-9:30PM Mountain (MST)
6:30PM-10:30PM Central (CST)
7:30PM-11:30PM Eastern (EST)

Our expectations as a guild is:

To be a mature member of the guild:
- As a member of the guild, we expect that you maintain a good mindset by being a contributor to a good environment. This also includes being loyal in the sense that you aren't just going to up and go to another guild. We are NOT a stepping stone to a higher-up. It's a team effort and we need everyone!
- If for any reason you were to be absent from raid, it's imperative you notify an officer so that they may take note for future reference. We understand things happen and it's not the end of the world if you have something important.
- Currently loot is handled by a loot council. If you don't win a piece, understand that it's for a good reason and makes you more likely to win next time. Attendance, performance, current piece, and more are all taken into account.
- Although the guild prefers a mature audience, I follow the rule of don't ask don't tell and I will assume you are of age to govern yourself and are capable of taking jokes or acting in a manner that would indicate a matured and relaxed conscious.

Taking responsibility:
- If you die, relax. Unless you've died to the mechanic repeatedly for the past 5 attempts, there's no reason for anyone to be aggravated. When we do a recap on what we should improve on after the fight, if asked, explain what happened.

Contributing to success:
- All of the above, in addition to reaching above and beyond by making friends within the guild and getting along with everyone.
- If you were to be sit out (very rare) you understand that you're helping the guild by allowing us to pull in a class more ideal for the current fight. In the end, it'll be more beneficial for the lot of us.

- Last 5% of the boss can sometimes be the most clutch and attention demanding. Stay focused. The officers will call out mechanics.
- Striving to be the best even if your class isn't ideal for the fight.
- No meter padding. (Over-inflating your dps by AoEing mobs that aren't supposed to be, etc.)
- Minimal deaths
- Ideas! Knowing when to toss out an idea and when not to is a great way to get to know officers and to be recognized by fellow raiders. A good example would be to make a minor change or if you noticed that someone had too little to do in X phase to point it out and say maybe it'd help for them to participate in Y phase. It's the oddball strategies that win.

If you're interested fill out an app at http://bad-guys.wowstead.com/forums/bad-guys-public-forum/applications or whisper Ilnadi, Davidranch, Raidboss, Amaeyth, Prales or myself in game.
Bringin it up.
do you guys raid Tuesdays and Thursdays or Tuesdays through Thursdays?
Tuesday through Thursday.

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