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Out deep in the Jade Forest, there is an inn called the Fernstep Inn. Located in a thick tangle of bamboo trees, the only way to find it is the signs hung on the trees, as adventurers and lost travelers weave their way through the green.

The inn is a bit on the small side, but well kept. It has the typical pandaren architecture, with a fresh green shade along with a duller red and brown. The inside main room is cozy, but larger than it looks from the outside. The owner there makes homemade brew for his guests, and offers a variety of other interesting food. There is no sign declaring no fighting, for the pandaren most likely did not need it.

With the new races landing upon the shores, the Fernstep Inn is seeing more and more visitors that have winded up confused in the mess of bamboo trees.
The warlock stepped into the inn feeling the sudden rush of warm air come over her, she couldn't help but grin as she saw more humans and other alliance creatures here. "Could it be that I have finally found a place with the smell of orcs isn't present." Her Voidwalker walking closley behind her.

She wore a mask covering her face but if had been removed you would see the skin of a person of descent that hailed from Westfall."How long as this place been here? I heard rumors but so far this is my first time here." She said looking a quite bartender and smirking.
A red-furred Pandaren woman stood outside, a strange little creature resting on her shoulder, tail wrapped to the back of her neck. She wasn't standing on the ground, though. No, she was on the roof of the building, specifically, one of the corners. She stood on one foot, hands folded in meditation, and remained motionless, despite the wind that send her long hair fluttering.

To anyone who know the Pandaren race well enough, she was quite young. Her face still had some cub-fat to it, giving her a cute appearance, though her closed eyes were young and full of spirit. Her fluffy tail waved behind her, helping her keep balance with the wind. She was dressed in leathers, and wore no shoes.
I stared at the pandaren, wondering "How well can she balance?" The look in her body told me she was no master with ages of practice, but a younger Pandaren with little age to her. Suddenly, the malevolence of the Sha-touched lands overtook my originally non-violent idea. I assumed the familiar Moonkin form of those charged with balancing the sun and moon. Calling upon both, I unleashed a devastating blast of energy at the young Pandaren, my fangs bared with Sha-induced malice.
As she meditates, the strange creature wrapped around her shoulder suddenly let out a shrill, wrattleing hiss. The young Pandaren's eyes flashes open, and she jumped back just in time to avoid being burned by her attackers magic. With a throaty growl, she looked down at him. "What do you think you're Doing?! Are you trying to kill me?!" she snapped. She bared her own fangs, and was obviously not as peaceful as most of her race.

Her tail twitched in anger, and her small round ears lay against her skull. The creature on her shoulder hissed, but stayed rather hidden behind her neck.
From the shadows of the forest came an audible click, followed by a deep growl. A female blood elf, who had been slowly and silently moving through the forest with her companion, a white tiger with deep blue eyes, held up a gun close to the back of the aggressive moonbeast's head. She said in a quiet voice as her camouflage wore off, "Try something like that again. Please, it gives me just more reason to add a pelt to my collection..."

The tiger stalked to the elf's side, claws extended and muscles tensed in preparation to pounce.
A tall draenei slowly enters the inn, chainmail clinking against the weapons in his side. With a careful glance across the room, he slowly walks over to the combatants.

"Calm yourselves! This is no place to be fighting." After speaking, the draenei quickly places a cleansing totem near the druid.

"This should help you, my friend. It is effective in cleansing sha-influence"

A closer look at the newcomer reveals his face, scarred from the many battles. His weapons look worn, but sharp. A feeling of calm fills you as he walks by, akin to walking near a flowing river. His movements are unusually graceful for one of his size, as if blessed by the winds.
With a growl, the Pandaren girl took a few running steps and leaped off the building, her body twisting elegantly to give her a perfect, silent landing a few feet behind the others. She growled at the Moonkin, her eyes never leaving it. As the Draenei creature spoke, she rolled her eyes. "It wasn't a fight... It was a coward's attack," she snarled.

The thing around her neck finally revealed itself as a small Faerie Dragon. Its scales rattled as it hissed at the Moonbeast. The Pandaren seemed on edge and much more aggressive than the other of her kind, a fiery attitude to match her red fur.
I looked at the pandaren, eyes wide. "Uh, what are you talking about? I was just walking through here when I looked at you balancing, and blacked out. Then, I wake up and I've got a gun to my head, a scorched inn roof, a shaman with some weird thing by his feet, and an angry pandaren! What in the name of Greymane just happened?" I turned around and saw the owner of the gun, and my feathers bristled. "And why didn't I blow you off the face of the earth, you anorexic mana addict of a hunter? Or, more importantly, why shouldn't I?
The hunter refused to lower her weapon, mostly due to the fact that the moonbeast was speaking to her with such hostility. She had to stop herself from grinning as she held the rifle barrel steady, now pointing at the beast's face.

Her grip tightened slightly on the trigger as she spoke, "Why didn't you try and blast me? I would have to say it's' because you were the one being hunted. As for your other question, I will answer with a question of my own. I've never seen anyone, even a magister, who could sling spells faster than someone can fire a bullet. So I'll ask you now..." her eyes narrowed dangerously as she spoke, and the tiger stalked around to get behind the druid, "are you feeling lucky?"
"Hell yea." At the exact moment I said that, I unleashed a violent typhoon, knocking both hunter and pet into the stone wall of the inn, knocking them out. "You deserve to die, but I will let you live. The Sha have turned Pandaria into a bright green death trap, and I can't tell who is acting with sincerity." Then, my eyes turned red and my voice changed to one of evil. "As for you, pandaren, a coward's attack is in the eye of the beholder." I smiled evilly. "The sniper's arrow that killed your father (just go with it), while a 'cowards attack' to you, may have been a perfectly respectable assassination to them. As such, your death here may be painful and slow to you, but to my immense enjoyment. And I assure you it will. For what is a worse death, than an ETERNAL NIGHTMARE!" I hurled a bolt of pure fear at her, knocking her to the ground already cowering at the effects to her mind and soul. I turned to the draenei. "Your presence here is unwelcome, shaman. I suggest you not resist." A shell of darkness encased his body, and I knocked over the totem. "That shaman has no idea of my corruption. His puny attempts to cleanse me is no match..."
((major gmode there,Charnerth...

I reccomend you change it...))
((major gmode there,Charnerth...

I reccomend you change it...))

What do you suggest?
(( These are all suggestions, change them around as you will:

11/08/2012 03:39 PMPosted by Charnerth
knocking both hunter and pet into the stone wall of the inn, knocking them out

sending it towards the hunter and pet with enough force to knock them out against the stone wall.

11/08/2012 03:39 PMPosted by Charnerth
knocking her to the ground already cowering at the effects to her mind and sou

that would send most anyone to the ground cowering in fear

11/08/2012 03:39 PMPosted by Charnerth
A shell of darkness encased his body, and I knocked over the totem

Sending a spell to encase his body in darkness, I [launched, punched, kicked etc.] the totem down.

Again, change these as you will, I was simply trying to help =x ))
((Instead of saying your attacks hit(Fine against NPC'S) but against other RPer's you wanna do something along the line's of this.

" I unleashed a violent typhoon, knocking both hunter and pet into the stone wall of the inn, knocking them out. "

I sent a Violent Typhoon at my opponents. Quickly following through with a bolt of screaming energy just in case the Typhoon missed.))

Reapers sigh's as he dispatch's another roaming Mogu with a clean shot through the skull" Not as challenging when they can't move. Heh" At the he pulls off the mask to reveal a worn skeletal face and reaching out a symbol of Sylvannes is seen on his glove's. Taking the quail out from the Mogu he pats the Porcupine at his side" Good decimation." The porcupine is rather strange seeming to have green armor melded into it's flesh. Turning as he hears fighting he follows it to the door.

A figure wrapped in darkness opens the door, he wears a wide brim hat throwing open the cloak he pulls out two long barreled pistols. His eyes glowing yellow and his face covered by a mask it is difficult to discern his race. But he quickly spins the pistols and howls and a creature known as a Quillin leaps around the door way. In a husky voice he growls" I may know have know you druid, but nor do i care." At that he pulls the triggers. Each round shoots out at the druid. Both glow bright blue as they hurl towards the man. Quickly followed by four more one after another.

As the porcupine charge's, the Quills on its back flare to life as a quill shoots out from its back. Aiming for the mans stomach if it connected the Paralyzing poison would take effect.
The blood elf was thrown back towards the wall, but she had seen druids perform this spell before and was expecting the possibility of it. As she was being pushed her body twisted to allow her to hit the wall with her feet first, and pushed off with them to lessen the force of the blow. Her companion was no so lucky, having only recently been acquired he was less trained and fell unconscious to the ground.

With a curse in her own tongue she grabbed her rifle and loaded a special round into the chamber, one with magical runes carved into it. She aimed at the druid and fired at his chest, knowing that if the bullet connected it would explode in a shower of flame and shrapnel.

Once her shot was fired she whistled loudly to call another, more trained, companion to her side. Within moments a spiritual crab, with spikes along the back of its shell, clattered to her side and snapped its large claw a few times. She motioned her head toward the cat and the crab moved over to spray healing waters over its body. The tiger awoke a few moments later and the pair of beasts returned to the elf's side. She finally spoke, angrily, "Now you have quite a few combatants to contend with, beast. I should hope that you've made arrangements for your funeral."
Styvan had left his small group of friends upstairs as they unpacked for the night, and decided he wanted to drink. He was in casual clothes, his white shirt having a large V of bare skin around the neck, his black pants barely fitting him, for Styvan still carried his hammer and that was pulling them down. "Dammit," he muttered as he went down the stairs into the main gathering area. He noticed that the Inn had gotten busier since they first came in, and that most of the patrons were members of the Alliance, tho there were some Horde here and there. Sitting up at the bar, he ordered a glass of wine, instead of his occasional rum.
As the fear invaded her mind, a feral growl rolled in the Pandaren's throat. Somehow, she stayed standing, fangs bared like a cornered animal. The beast in her shoulder screached, and channeled a tiny spell, not unlike the druid's own. Even if it did hit, it wouldn't do much more than char the fur. Once the images in her head began to subside, the Pandaren grabbed something from her pouch and threw it to the ground. A puff of dirt hid her form and she was gone from sight.

She quickly scaled the wall and crouched where she had been meditating moments before. She remained completely still, hidden from sight.

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