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Styvan looked at his brother, a glint of "This isnt going to be pretty," look in his eye. Levias nodded, and finishing his drink, said "I agree brother for once." He picked up his bag and holstered his rifle onto his shoulder while Styvan paid the tab.

Levias noticed the pandaren being tackled to the floor, and drawing his rifle and putting the barrel right on the back of the worgens neck said, "Now Id hate to kill ya. Theres has been too much senseless violence in this land. That said, if you don't get off the pandaren, I wont hesitate to make a boom boom in your skull if you catch my drift. Styvan, who just finished paying the tab, picked up his hammer, in case things got messy.
Nelriz walked over to the blood elf with the gun. "Please, lets have none of that," he said as he lowered the elf's gun. "And you," he spoke to the other worgen as he forcefully shoved him off the pandaren. "Please be nice to the natives of this land."
"Get your paws off my gun you damn dirty worgen," Levias growled. Even Styvan was taken aback from his brothers viciousness. Levias was always the mature, respectful (even to members of the Alliance) one of the sibling-ship.

"Dont mind him," Styvan said, putting a hand on Neltriz's shoulder. "But I do recommend however getting your paws off the gun." Styvan chuckled, and said, "Here, lemme buy ya a drink."
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A dark plated figure stood silently outside the inn. He howled and tackled the pandaren from behind, weighing her down with his plate He growled in her ear "Hello little pandaren. I hope you can run, because im going to kill you now!"

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As she heard someone behind her, the Pandaren turned, barring her fangs and shifting quickly to a fighting stance before she was knocked to the ground. But she already had her daggers out, and jabbed one of them at the crack in his armor at his knee. "Oh I can run, but I'd rather fight!" she growled loudly.

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Clend got up off the ground and looked at the pandaren and his eyes widened and he said "Oh sorry miss, I didnt know you were a native." and he helped her up and he said "My name's Clend."
Clend noticed the stab in his knee and he healed himself and said to the other worgen "Greetings my good sir. I didn't notice you there. I truly am a well mannered worgen but sometimes my wild instincts take over. That's how I died before the Lich King raised me from the dead."
The small, usaly quiet preist walks in for a drink and looks around. Seeing everyone on edge and seeming to be at arms she is taken aback, and with a perplexed look on her face seems to change her mind and backs twards the door, her hand resting lightly on the dagger she keeps hidden, just incase. quickly she scans the room for a familure face, but she knows before she even looks there will be none, having been alone for so long. she hesitates by the door and waits muttering softly under her breath, "Dammit, I realy need a drink too" She waits and watches what is to happen next to decide weather to stay or turn and go and hope to find somewhere else to rest sooner than she found this place.
"Well, now that that's all settled, I suppose I'll blame the violent nature of everyone on the nature of the continent and take you up on that drink," Neltriz replied to the more respectable elf. "And to you," he spoke to the other elf. "I do ever so much apologize for smudging the brilliant sheen of your gun and," now turning to the other worgen, "For pushing you to the ground like that."
Clend stalked away into the inn.
Clend stalked away into the inn.
Alabron noticed the female sin'dorei enter the tavern, but it looked like she was scared to come in. A bit nervous since everyone was fighting earlier. He called out, "Miss! It is alright, no one here will hurt you. Come have a drink with me." He smiled lightly and sipped some of his mead and sighed with relief as he had a long day from hunting.

((Darkcyn that was towards you.)
Willace, a commanding officer of the alliance, see's fire from a distance as he slowly walks towards its location. Used to fighting the plague that was the scourge, his regiment was ambushed by the sha. Yet willace narrowly survived the sha attack, Willace was able to survive by help from the natives. Sadly most of his men did not. As he walks closer and closer he see's what looks to be an inn. "Hopefully food and bed are available", willace says to himself.

Loud commotion small fights and sounds of laughter filled his ears. To his horror he stumbles upon horde and alliance alike using the same inn. Willace quickly gains strength with a prayer to the light and runs into the inn.

" Soldier's of the alliance! take up arms!, the horde is our enemy and we shall wipe them from the land. For your family, for your king, for the Alliance!" ( Willace yells with a voice that inspires hope and courage. )
Hearing the male voice she looks up to see a night elf calling twards her. At the sound of his words she breaths a sigh of releif and smile's softly." I would love that Sir, thank you" she says in a small voice. moving through the crowd she makes her way to his table and sits down. "I am Darkcyn, But most just call me Cyn, Its nice to meet you." She smile's softly once again and looks around.
He smiled lightly and nodded to her. "Nice to meet you, Cyn. I'm Alabron." He drank some more of his mead. He sighed as he heard the paladin who had just rushed in the inn, yelling about wiping the Horde from these lands. "The Sha are a bigger enemy than the other faction, friend. We should focus on being peaceful in these lands. The Sha are powered by different sources. Mainly violence. We should just lay down our weapons and have a drink with fellow faction members, along with the opposing factions.

He sighed as he sipped some more mead. "Plus if you start any type of fight, little Sha will probably form and attack us. I don't want that happening." He shook his head in disapproval. He then cracked his back, threw some raw meat down on the floor so his pet spirit beast, Scar, could eat. "Hmm."
Willace was taken back by what the night elf said, before he could muster a word he collapsed in pain due to his injuries from the the days fight. Blood dripped from below his breastplate onto the floor as he layed there unconscious, fighting for his life.
Cyn saw the hour and relized to much time had passed and she had to get going she stood up quietly and said, "Im teribly sorry, i have to go, its time for my adventuring buddy to be back so we can be on our way. thank you kindly and i do hope we meet again, its such a refreshment to meet a member of the aliance with out all the hatered about him." She moves to the door quickly slips out, leaving behind the scent of lavenders and jasmine.

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"Excuse me," Neltriz said to the blood elf who had offered him the drink, upon seeing the human rant about genocide before collapsing to he floor. He ran to his side and pulled out a bandage made from a soft blue fabric, and with it began to halt the paladin's bleeding.
Clend walked over to the bar and sat down next to Alabron and said without looking at him "Why are you tryin' to get friendly with those horde brutes? I know you may think she won't stab you in the back but trust me, she will. She deffinately will."
Drakthas was running through the wilderness and he bumped into Cyn and he backed up a bit, suprised then calmed down when he saw she was a fellow blood elf and he said "Oh, sorry for bumping into you, I was running from some hozen and I ran into you."

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